12 Network Name Suggestions For ABC Family

ABC Family is changing it’s name because it’s not a regular network, it’s a cool network. Come January, ABC Fam is going to be called Freeform. Whatever the hell that means. #Freeform #FreeMeFromThisName #FreeMeFromTryingToFindOutWhoAIs


Since I’m clearly not a fan of this new name, I’ve put together a list of names that ABC Family should have considered. Some are a little lengthily, but IMO, they really represent what the network means to its viewers.

1. TWISN: The Who is A Network

2. TCWYDGG: The channel where you discovered Gilmore Girls

3. INA7HA: It’s not all 7th Heaven anymore

4. STLAS: Sitcoms that last a season

5. 25DOCSIX: 25 Days of Christmas starts in X amount of days

6. FCDTT13NOH: Forever counting down to the 13 Nights of Halloween

7. SN: Syndication Nation

8. YPLLISO: Yes, PLL is still on

9. SSLOTATRYL: Sorry SLOTAT (Secret Life of the American Teenager, OBVI) ruined your life

10. MTWDUFYHW: Movies that will distract you from your homework

11. TBTTTGS: TBT to that gymnastics show

12. ZBZF: Zeta Beta Zeta Forever

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