14 Things Adele, JLaw and Emma Stone Discussed at Dinner

Move over Taylor Swift, there’s a new group of #squadgoals in town. Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone took over the internet when they were seen out together, so I, naturally, brainstormed some of the topics that they definitely talked about.


1. If Nicki Minaj was showing Jennifer Lopez shade at the AMAs:  If anyone can get us answers about whether or not Nicki was mad at J.Lo for dancing to Anaconda during her American Music Awards opening number, it’s this power trio.

2. The Friday Night Lights musical: Clear eyes, full hearts, let’s sing! News just broke that Jason Street is playing Coach Taylor in an FNL musical, and I bet Emma, Jennifer and Adele brainstormed the rest of the cast. (Consider Emma as Lyla, Jennifer as Tyra and Adele as Becky).

3. How to never talk to anyone without an Oscar nomination again: If you don’t have an Oscar, you cannot sit with us.

4. What would North West do? Emma, Jennifer and Adele definitely made guidelines for the new “What Would Jesus Do?”

5. Starting a GoFundMe page for Tyga: We know JLaw is a fan of the Kardashians, so she probably recruited her new friends to start fundraising for Tyga so he can finally move into that $10 million house down the street from Kylie.

6. Whether they’re Team Miranda or Team Gwen: I have a feeling Emma is Team Gwen and JLaw and Adele are Team Miranda.

7. Boys: JLaw and the former better half to Andrew Garfield 100% got guy advice from happily married Adele.

8. The final four words in Gilmore Girls: After news of the Gilmore Girls revival broke, every girls night included an intense brainstorm session about what Amy Sherman Palladino planned for the last 4 words of the drama.

9. Why did Tyra Banks leave FabLife? This is the question keeping everyone up at night.

10. Amy Schumer’s nude photoshoot: Amy’s now famous nude shoot with Annie Leibovitz was not released when Emma, JLaw and Adele had their girl’s night, but we have a feeling they had an exclusive first look. They are now planning their shoot for the Pirelli’s calendar.

11. Brainstorming a new show for The Cooking Channel. Celebrity cooking shows are in, and this power trio would revolutionize quiche.

12. Whether or not Pretty Little Liars will be successful after the five year time-jump. Are Spencer’s bangs working? Can we forgive Hanna for having a fiancé that isn’t Caleb? PLL season 6B is a conversation starter.

13. Gigi Hadid: If anyone can let Gigi know that she is better than the D-List boy band guys she’s been dating, it’s these three.

14. Creating a podcast. “How To Make America Fall In Love With You” is coming to iTunes in 2016.



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