18 Life Lessons From ‘Laguna Beach’

When Laguna Beach premiered on MTV in 2004, the world changed for the better. We watched countless love triangles, fashion shows and proms unfold, and learned a lot about life along the way. Inspired by the latest episode of We Love The 2000s, here’s a few things I learned from The Real Orange County.

1.What happens in Cabo, or on any Spring Break trip with your friends, definitely does NOT stay in Cabo.


2. It’s important to always look your best.


3. Believe in the power of makeup, but also do not be fooled by it.


4. Change the oil in your car. Or ask anyone else to.


5. If your friends tell you he’s cheating on you, he’s probably cheating on you. #JESSSSICA


6. There is no such thing as over-pronouncing the name Stephen. STE-PHEEEEEEEN.


7. Break up with your high school boyfriend when you go to college. It’s not going to work out.


8. A look can say it all.


9. Do not sing ‘Only Hope’ for your broadway audition. Or any audition. Or ever.


10. Once a player, always a player. #Jason #Stephen #Talan


11. Apply to more than one college. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket a la Morgan and BYU.


12. Sometimes it is better to let the boys chase you.


13. When you’re invited to a “Black & White Affair,” always wear black. White is tacky and just not classy.


14. Appreciate the technology we have today.


15. Know the difference between the fake Orange County and the real Orange County.



16. Calling your girlfriend names in Mexico is never the answer. However, dancing on the bar probs won’t fix your relationship either.


17. Your relationship with your high school friends will be unlike all of your other friendships.


18. Most importantly, do not forget that you are being filmed when you sign up to do a reality show.


For more life lessons from LC and Kcav listen to We Love The 2000s. 

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