Thanks for always being there, Nickelodeon

Considering Friends and I are the same age (1994 babies hollah), without Nick @ Nite there’s a chance I would have never seen Friends (I may have teared up just thinking about that). I would have never learned it’s never smelly cats fault, everyone has an identical hand twin and shouting the word pivot would help me move a couch up multiple flights of stairs (plus all that stuff about friends being the family you choose). I’m also happy Nick @ Nite still includes Full House, because watching DJ and Kimmy go to their first frat party the other night means much more to me now (don’t worry Kimmy, we’ve all been driving that big, white porcelain bus that flushes every time you hit the turn signal). I also enjoy seeing Stephanie go to her first “make-out” party, Michelle deliver her classic line “you got it dude,” and am waiting for the episode where Steph starts a band (Girl Talk) and sings “I Saw the Sign” (I actually know the words now thanks to my dad’s obsession with Pitch Perfect).

I should mention this isn’t the first time Nickelodeon has helped me out. I learned how to tell time based on episodes of Rugrats (I also learned the story of Hanukkah—but not how to spell Hanukkah, I had to google that). I got to see Amanda Bynes before she went all crazy on us in The Amanda Show, learned the story of Romeo & Juliet thanks to Hey Arnold (I’d take Helga over Claire Danes as Juliet any day) and most importantly, I learned if I wear socks with my sandals I’d be considered a shoobie (#RocketPower).

So thanks Nickelodeon, and please stick around so the next generation doesn’t miss out on these important life lessons.

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