Rehab: Not Just a Song by Amy Winehouse

There’s about 100 different rumors about why Selena Gomez went to rehab floating around the internet right now, ranging from eating disorders to substance abuse to just needing to clear her head after her breakup with Justin Bieber. There’s no way to know the truth (her reps are denying anything to do with substance abuse), but it was clear something was up after she randomly cancelled the end of her tour. Looking back on Selena’s past interviews, you can also see she wasn’t as enthusiastic as normal, and seemed run-down and tired (the fact that I know all of this either proves celebrities are beyond over-exposed or I need a hobby).

Selena’s definitely not the first young star who has needed help from a rehab facility. Ke$ha’s in rehab for an eating disorder as we speak, and Zac Efron completed his stint for cocaine less than a year ago. Demi Lovato went to rehab when she was 19 for basically everything (eating disorder, drugs, alcohol, bipolar disorder, self-harm) and for the sake of America we can only hope Justin Bieber is headed there next. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times Lindsay Lohan was been in and out of rehab, and Amanda Bynes finished her time right before the new year (there’s also half of the cast of Teen Mom, but that’s a whole other issue).

Sel only stayed for 2 weeks, so I’m thinking her main issue was cutting ties with the Biebs. The two were seen hanging out again in January, only a few weeks before Justin’s DUI, and I can’t blame the girl for needing to talk it out with therapists and people she can actually trust not to blab to the media (however, there’s only a matter of time before paparazzi find their way in— I’m thinking undercover and with hidden cameras).

Here’s looking to you, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, because you’re the only two equally as young and famous as the others who have appeared to stay out of rehab (and by Miley and Taylor, I mean Taylor, because I don’t know how long “she’s just being Miley” is going to be a valid excuse).

Plus TSwift seems to have the whole people like Justin Bieber are up to no good thing down:

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