XOXO, Gossip Girl Lives On


When Penn Badgley was performing with his band, Mother, he stopped in the middle of the song and declared, “I am Gossip Girl.” And while, *spoiler alert* he is (or his character on the CW hit Dan Humphrey was), you would think the actor turned singer wouldn’t want to associate his new Brooklyn band with his old life on the Upper East Side. However as a GG fan, I’m not complaining, and like any opportunity to remember one of my favorite dramas. It also makes me wonder whether Leighton Meester wakes up in the middle of the night and cries for Chuck Bass. Or if Ed Westwick does the same for Blair Waldorf. Does Blake Lively look in the mirror and think “WWSVDWD?” (What Would Serena van der Woodsen Do). Does Chace Crawford pick his girlfriends based on Nate Archibald’s past flings? Either way, I think this calls for a rewatch.

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