Big Brother Recap: Week 1


You know Summer is finally here when you are spending your week obsessing over what is going on in the Big Brother house. To keep things fair, I’m going to refrain from sharing knowledge I know from watching livefeeds and after dark specials, and just discuss what we know from the episodes that have aired on TV. So come back every Monday and share your BB thoughts.

Let’s start with the a quick wrap-up of who is nominated and who is HOH. After Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie, won the first HOH and Caleb, the hunting guide, won the second HOH the two both had to pick nominations. That’s right, 4 people were put on the block (am I the only one loving this new HOH twist?!)… but not for long. Frankie’s nominations, Donny and Paola, battled Caleb’s nominations, Brittany and Victoria and the “hot mom” and photographer came out on top. This means Frankie (whose nominations won the battle of the block) is no longer an HOH and Caleb is in control. Donny and Paola will have the opportunity to win the veto, and it’s possible former HOH Frankie (or any of the other contestants who aren’t Caleb, Brittany and Victoria) can be put up for eviction.

…Yes, that was my definition of a “quick wrap-up.” Other notable moments from this week include a new twist called “Team America.” America now has the power to put together an alliance of 3 houseguests and send them on “secret missions” in the house. The first member is blue-haired Joey, and she happily accepted the job. I’m hoping the two blondes with the quirky glasses (Nicole and Christine if we’re being technical) join her. Mostly because I think it would be funny to watch the 3 of them try to backstab other houseguests and act less Taylor Swift and more Kanye West.

The Rock look-alike, Devin, has put a target on his back by randomly adding Christine and Amber to his all boy alliance The Bomb Squad (Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Zach) without even asking the other members. He’s also playing Donny, and acting like he wants to work with him (Donny needs to realize this and take the bottle of sprite Devin used to fake cry and pour the whole bottle on him). Someway, somehow Devin is also technically still a part of the original alliance on the show “The Crazy 8s,” which is made up of the first 8 houseguests in the house (does anyone else have a headache trying to follow this guy’s actions?!)

While a lot of the other houseguests are staying under the radar, Amber, Joey, Nicole and Paola made an all-girls alliance in the first episode called El Cuarto. There’s no telling whether these 4 plan on actually sticking together, but if Paola stays on the block, time will tell.

Let’s wrap up this wrap-up with the best quote of the season so far (and don’t forget to take the poll below). “I feel like I just won the best beard contest at the county fair.” – Donny


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