12 Episodes of TV to Watch on a Rainy Day

It’s a tale as old as time. It’s raining outside, there’s thunder and lightning every other minute and there’s even the possibility that the power could go out. You’re stuck inside and your TV signal is questionable, and you need something to do (watch). To avoid this problem in the future (and to make storms more fun), I’ve put together a list of rain inspired TV episodes. So as long as your computer is charged, Netflix/Hulu accounts are streaming and your DVD collection is in place, you will never be bored during a storm again (you might even look forward to the rain).

One Tree Hill: I think it’s safe to say no fictional town has more life-threatening storms than Tree Hill. However, every storm brings a romantic gesture and it’s safe to say some of the best kisses, speeches and emotion comes in with the rain. There’s four storm-worthy OTH episodes and only one takes a scary turn.
The Leaving Song
The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
Darkness on the Edge of Town
One Tree Hill

The OC: Eureka, Ryan! Because The OC is set in sunny California, it’s no surprise when the citizens of Newport Beach are shocked and a tad uncomfortable with a rain storm. It doesn’t stop the drama though, and couples Seth & Summer, Ryan & Lindsay, Marissa & Alex and Sandy & Kirsten are all forced to deal with their relationships (or lack there of).
Rainy Day Women


Grey’s Anatomy The only thing more dramatic than the doctors at Seattle Grace trying to save lives while dealing with their complicated personal lives is when they have to do it with no power, in a flood or in the middle of a tropical storm. Some of the best Grey’s episodes happen during some of the worst circumstances, and Meredith and friends don’t let anything stop them from doing their best.
Bring The Pain
Here Comes The Floodmaead
Perfect Storm

Friday Night Lights Are you ready for some football? How about some football in the rain/mud? How about on a cattle field? One of FNL’s best episodes doesn’t even take place on a football field, but rather on a rainy day on a cattle field after there’s a chemical explosion near the Panthers home field. Clear eyes, full hearts, the Panthers are going to state, y’all!
Mud Bowl


Dawson’s Creek: Whether it’s dealing with his mom’s affair during a hurricane or having to go rescue his ex- bestfriend on a boat in a tropical storm, Dawson doesn’t have the best luck when storms take over Capeside (Joey, Jen, Jack, Pacey and Pacey’s boat, True Love, don’t either).
The Two Gentlemen of Capeside


How I Met Your Mother When Barney, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Ted reminisce on Hurricane Irene, they argue about whether or not to evacuate and end up out in the rain (and that “no boogie-boarding” sign is explained).
Disaster Averted


Pretty Little Liars Hospitals, flashbacks, threatening texts, oh my! This episode of PLL, which includes a rain storm and an epic kiss, does not disappoint. It’s way back in season 2, before the girls even know who the first “A” is, and it’s worth a rewatch just to see the Aria and Ezra moment.
The Blond Leading the BlindAriaAndEzraRain

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