31 Signs You Think Like A Kardashian

My posts have been a little heavy lately, and I think it’s time to lighten things up. Here’s 31 signs you think like a Kardashian (Jenner-Disick-West).

1. You’ve seen every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

2. And Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami.tumblr_mtdnrvR5yw1ss5g8io5_500

3. And Kim and Kourtney Take Miami.dajlf

4. And Kourtney and Kim Take New York.tumblr_mlqfhwbMfr1rnfb9bo1_500

5. And Khloé and Lamar (tear, tear).tumblr_ly0bw4niar1qinkf9o1_500

6. You noticed I put the accent over the e in Khloé, and you’ve appreciated it.tumblr_mnzqv5Q8xd1rnfb9bo1_500

7. You also noticed that I wrote Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, instead of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and it annoyed you.tumblr_m7qic8vXgo1qjrc1wo1_500

8. You follow all of the Kardashian-Jenners on twitter and instagram (including Brody, Brandon and Leah).


9. You made a keek account just so you can watch their videos.tumblr_n8pwe7wSPa1qk08n1o1_500

10. You play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.


11.  You’ve stayed up way too late playing/ have spent real money on the game. You take your journey to the A-List very seriously.


12. You defend The Kardashians when people say they’re famous for “being famous.”tumblr_lwb64kjiiG1r2tzifo1_500

13. You also defend Scott Lord Disick.tumblr_mjvvuaZemW1qf0m6to1_500

14. You have bought clothes, books or beauty products from their collections.


15. Your instagram selfies are Kardashian inspired.tumblr_mr2u6zP6gL1syzvnro1_500

16. Some of your posts are even attempts to recreate their pictures.tumblr_mndo1nGoU31rnfb9bo1_500

17.  You answered “as long as they live” on my Kimye poll ().

18. You have E! News alerts for every family member.Penelope-Disick-playing-with-a-phone-on-Keeping-Up-With-the-Kardashians-GIF

19. When you watch TV, the first channel you turn on is E!.tumblr_n0q5i1PYAo1sog6yqo1_500

20.  You’ve noticed the Iced Green Tea they drink in almost every episode of KUWTK, so you’ve ordered it at Starbucks.

tumblr_inline_n70cw17eKg1qahkq3 Kourtney-Kardashian-Peplum-Jacket-Patterned-Shorts-9-387x470

21. You’ve caught yourself using words like “bible,” and “hand hug.”tumblr_ltg9z405PJ1qiijpmo1_500

22. You want your future daughter to be just like Penelope.tumblr_n813tvPxrK1qf4ywho1_500

23. And your son to be just like Mason.tumblr_n79ceiqtf51qf4ywho1_500

24. You get annoyed that you never get to see North West on the show.anigif_enhanced-26273-1395420951-14

25. You have practiced your Kourtney voice.tumblr_mnn45ifnGj1so2l1bo1_500

26. Your favorite family member changes, but at least 80% of the time it’s Khloé.


27. You feel bad for Rob, and miss when he was on the show.tumblr_lw0rstNMrq1r0zrok

28. You think about what Kendall and Kylie are going to be like as adults.tumblr_mqypwoKBkw1qj19x3o1_500

29. Kim’s ugly cry makes  you laugh even on your worst day.giphy-2giphy-1

30. You’ve thought about your “K” name, #Karah.Kim-Kardashian-GIFS

31. You honestly just wish you were a Kardashian.tumblr_mla5exUhlS1so90q0o1_500

Gifs & pics: http://www.tumblr.com and http://www.dailyedge.ie/

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