Pretty Little Liars Recap: #FatalFinale

Right after I finished my nightly viewing of E News! and I switched to ABC Family, my cable went out. At first I thought maybe Pretty Little Liars was messing with its viewers, but no, Time Warner Cable was messing with me. I quickly grabbed my iPhone (and my roomie Claire) and logged onto to ABC Family app to start streaming live TV. TWC is also my internet provider, so I had to use my data, but the fatal PLL finale was in my hands (literally). Now onto the liars drama instead of mine…

1. A flash forward to the end of the episode at the beginning of the episode! As if this show wasn’t confusing enough.tumblr_naziy24iD41sog89ho1_500

2. I have two thoughts about it being Thanksgiving in Rosewood. There’s no way PLL can top a Gossip Girl turkey day, and HOW IS IT STILL THE FALL OF THEIR SENIOR YEAR?!


Update: According to my research, the liars started senior year during season 3. That means season 3, 4 and the first half of 5 all took place IN 4 MONTHS. There’s only one explantion…. #RosewoodHighIsA

3. #MonasRoom #MonaHasADollFetish


4. And a mom! She seems too normal to have raised such a crazy little b****.

5. “I took all of my Ali anger out on you guys. And I’m sorry for that.” Sounds like a reasonable way to say sorry for almost killing you.tumblr_nayp95hvDv1sckz0eo3_500

6. “I’ll wait for the cookies.” #LoveYouForeverHeffytumblr_mvs6iy17nD1ryfjs3o8_250

7. “I don’t want to hold your hand in the hallway, Emily.” Mona makes one girl at Rosewood who doesn’t.


8. Ali in the hallway with the lookalike liars… did she hire them to talk to her? Is she trying to start a girl band?


9. Plot twist of the season: Toby actually looks hot in his cop uniform.


10. Christmas decorations!? Only PLL would make what holiday they’re celebrating SO damn confusing.


11. How did they not make #ReadHerBoobs a hashtag when Hanna pointed out Emily’s “This Girl Loves Christmas” t-shirt? #ShameOnYouABCFamily #HireMeForHashtagWritertumblr_nays5h5QL41qey4wco4_250

12. “If you can’t find Christmas in your heart, you can’t find it under your tree.” #ItsTheDayBeforeThanksgiving #ShutUpEmilytumblr_nay56es0IQ1r7s32to4_400

13. These girls lie about everything in their lives, but can’t handle a little white lie about who called and who is in charge of getting the cranberries. #PrettyLittleMoronstumblr_nazf80qDB91tqyxtyo1_500

14. Mention of Spencer’s drug phase! #Tbt #JesseSpanoWouldBeProudSpencer-2x12-spencer-hastings-24986001-500-280

15. Mona IS Veronica Mars (and the other PLLs are dumbed down Nancy Drews).tumblr_naymyfQaL61rfgvlyo1_500

16. “Could you lie to that face?” Haleb>>> Spoby>>> Ezria #SorryNotSorry


17. They should really air a “Don’t try this at home kids” warning during this show because it’s just not that easy to sneak into mental hospitals. #RadleySecurityGuardNeeded


18. Why is Hanna using a Britney Spears microphone instead of her iPhone to communicate?


19. “Should I go call my parents?” Yes, Aria! Your sketchy and always out of town parents are definitely going to come to your rescue.tumblr_mry8voTy2E1sy4x1so1_500

20. The only thing that would make Emily yelling at Ali better would be if she slapped her.


21. Ali would drive a bug car. #YouCanGoShaveYourBackNowtumblr_nayjt91v111tex6aco1_250

22. Second mention of college this episode! If that’s not the most shocking part of this episode than I don’t know what is.


23. I would make fun of the fact that Toby’s cell service stopped working right when he got Spencer on the phone, but my cable went out right when PLL started, so I know believe in coincidences. And hell.


24. Is it bad that all I can think about when Spencer is getting arrested is how much I hate Aria’s outfit? #PLLFashionPoliceSpinOff tumblr_nay2oaKg0D1rxm95zo4_500

25. “Mirror, mirror on the wall… Am I about to get murdered by someone blonde and tall?”


26. #SadGuyInTheCorner


27. Time for PLL to break twitter (and the hearts of everyone on the West Coast who hasn’t seen the episode yet) with their newest hashtag. #RIPMonatumblr_naxxufBNel1rn73xao1_500


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