The Only Emmy Recap You Need To Read

I hope you have recovered from all things VMAs, because it’s time to switch from music videos to television.  Get ready to discuss all things TV, fashion and celebrity.

1. Lets start with the red carpet highlights. Hayden Panettiere accidentally let it slip that she is having a baby girl! I hope her daughter isn’t anything like Juliette Barnes and can dance better than Hayden did in Bring It On.

2. E’s Mani Cam proved to be not totally unnecessary for the first time after Heidi Klum twerked into it.tumblr_navy32R6OS1sxqyhyo1_400

3. “My life is mostly me trying to keep my dog from eating my snacks.” Lena Dunham just confirmed she is her Girls’ character Hannah. And that she always has food on her mind (is it just me or does that dress look like a cupcake?).tumblr_naw32uOdf11qc3ni5o1_500

4. “He’s too hot. Too tall. Too handsome. Too sexy.” Sofia Vergara talking about why she didn’t bring new BF Joe Manganiello to the Emmys and proving that hot people have problems too. tumblr_naw770FTWE1qd4rf5o1_400

5. “The bags are smaller again. I can close my coat.” A non-pregnant Kerry Washington is going to bring Scandal back to its A game.


6. Janis. Effing. Ian. I bet the plastics would accept her now.tumblr_naw0u3iRxx1qcddvlo1_1280

7.  “What’s HBO?” My roommate (hi Karen!) asks a question that everyone at CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC wishes other people asked.anigif_enhanced-14632-1409015313-25

8. Who wore(d) better?

9. Amy Poehler’s Beyoncé would make Beyoncé proud. #BowDownToMrsGeorge


10. Brooke Davis spotted on a Woman Crush Wednesday commercial. Sophia Bush, Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing make me want to drop this whole writing thing and be a cop.Bv7N33MCAAEKmSW

11. Introducing Zooey Deschanel and Allison Williams with the line “From New Girl where a girl has bangs, and Girls where girls bang” is the most accurate statement ever.tumblr_nawo1cWH051s4hq1ko1_1280

12. Parenthood final season promo.. *tears begin to fall.*anigif_enhanced-11534-1409017631-24

13. I was playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood when Jimmy Kimmel said, “There’s one common truth that binds us all together.  None of us will ever make as much money as Kim Kardashian did for her iPhone game.” #NoShame #ALister


14. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston for Choice TV Liplock at the next Teen Choice Awards.tumblr_naw4dj8ORw1qcm0m3o1_400

15. Sookie St. James forever! #HappyEmmysDontToeMetumblr_navxtbHFCq1s3y9slo1_500

16. I’m only surprised Jon Hamm doesn’t have an Emmy because you’d think Don Draper would have figured out who to sleep with to get one.tumblr_naw2xrjmWa1ssoe4no1_500

17. That awkward moment when Julia Roberts doesn’t win the Emmy even though they showed a random clip of her performance right before they did the award.anigif_enhanced-14642-1409014697-14-1

18. Still laughing at this moment.

tumblr_naw5p4dZEO1qlsrn9o1_500tumblr_naw5p4dZEO1qlsrn9o2_500  tumblr_naw5p4dZEO1qlsrn9o3_500

19. Addison alert! “Addison Montgomery, he met her in the summery…”tumblr_nawvoe37J61rae9vgo1_500

20. Matthew McConaughey’s tan is very LC in Laguna Beach season one.tumblr_naw1w026Ys1sxqyhyo2_400

21. Andy Samberg, I’ll sing The Brady Bunch theme song with you anytime.tumblr_nax4c8JK921qe5ugfo2_500-1

22. Weird Al’s TV theme songs were hilarious. “A beautiful woman with an ugly cry” for Homeland and “Quiver, quiver” for Scandal (and Olivia Pope’s lip) should be used ASAP.Emmys-2014-Weird-Al-Yankovic-Sings-Favorite-Series-Theme-Songs-Videos-456380-2

23. TIM RIGGINS! I know The Normal Heart is a deep movie and I should be listening to the acceptance speech but it’s Tim. Freaking. Riggins (with his long hair again!).tumblr_inline_naxe5mYVQ91qce7f5

24. Ricky Gervais referring to Matt LeBlanc as Joey from Friends warms my heart. So does this.tumblr_nawc5ldV9F1s3y9slo1_500

25. Gwen Stefani mispronounced Stephen Colbert ‘s name and should make it up to him by putting his last name in a song like Hollaback girl. C-o-l-b-e-r-t is the new b-a-n-a-n-a-s.tumblr_naw7xtqDVn1qb6v6ro1_400

26. “Robin Williams. What a concept.”tumblr_naw70jBbCc1qiavcao1_500

27. The True Detective director ‘s braids deserve their own twitter page.


28. Paging Dr. Izzy Stevens! Please return to OR 1 and Grey’s Anatomy.


29. Papa Pope sighting! Hide yo kids and hide yo wife.joemorton2

30. And down goes Claire Danes and her winning streak for Best Actress in a Drama (just like Homeland and its quality storylines).giphy

31. Julianna Margulies pointing out that her show has 22 episodes a year>>> #YouTellEmtumblr_naw7l6Jzt21qiavcao1_400

32. Drink every time Breaking Bad wins.tumblr_nax5rkQTRA1qejqwno2_250

33. I’m surprised Frank Underwood didn’t find a way to rig Best Actor in a Drama and take down Walter White.tumblr_nawpvtGumG1rrqs6ho1_400

34. See you next year, Emmys! I’m sure you’ll be back to Sunday night.anigif_enhanced-10806-1409022087-3

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