Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas: Day 16 & 17

Merry 9021-Christmas and happy birthday Donna Martin!

The original Beverly Hills, 90210 and the new 90210 have both been visited by Santa Clause so many different times that the infamous zip-code needed two days in Sarah Marie’s 25 Days Of Christmas.

Nobody does Christmas quite like Beverly Hills, 90210. A Walsh Family Christmas follows Steve trying to find his birth mom after discovering he’s adopted, and learning sometimes your friends are just as important as your family. A year later, 90210 does a take on It’s A Wonderful Life, and angels Clarence and Miriam watch over the gang when their bus to a shelter almost crashes (and Dylan tries to pick between Brenda and Kelly). The season four episode, Somewhere in the World It’s Christmas, flashes back to the other Christmas episodes while The Walshes fly to Hawaii on a rocky flight.


Christmas Comes This Time Each Year is Donna’s first Christmas with Ray (pre- abuse), and her mom is so unhappy with her daughter’s choice of boyfriend that she tries to pay him off. At the Peach Pit, Nat hosts a special holiday feed-the-homeless dinner. Angels We Have Heard on High is the season six Christmas episode, and brings Cindy (but not Jim) Walsh back to Beverly Hills. While Brandon tries to understand what is going on with his parents, Kelly deals with Colin’s cocaine addiction and Donna tries to figure out what Joe got her for Christmas and her birthday. The gang struggles with what to get each other for Secret Santa in Gift Wrapped, and the highlight is enemies Valerie and Kelly getting matched up (and surprising each other with the same gift).


Brandon and Kelly spend their first Christmas as a couple in years in Santa Knows, but it’s only a matter of time before Brandon cheats on her with Emma and re-gifts Kelly a watch that Emma bought for him. In Marathon Man, Noah is planning a dance marathon to benefit AIDS research, Christmas and Donna’s birthday, while Dylan heads to Mexico with Kelly even though she’s dating Matt. Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly is the long-running drama’s final Christmas episode, and proves there’s a little bit of Christmas magic left in the 90210 when Gina and Donna finally bond and Kelly and Matt get engaged.


In the new 90210’s first Christmas episode, Winter Wonderland, there is a winter dance at the Beach Club and plenty of drama between then-couples Naomi and Liam, Annie and Jasper, and Adrianna and Navid. A year later in Holiday Madness, Ade is a huge star and celebrating her success in the music industry with a housewarming party (and holiday tunes).


The fourth season of 90210 brings another Christmas party, and this time it’s thrown by Naomi’s enemy Holly in an episode called O Holly Night. Elsewhere, Annie tries to help Dixon pay for rehab and Liam discovers the truth about her escort days. The Things We Do for Love is the final Xmas episode, and the gang’s last holiday party does not go as planned when Naomi and Max’s marriage starts to fall apart and Teddy and Sliver fight over their unborn child.


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