Dear Kourtney, Scott and Baby Disick:

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed their third child three days ago and we STILL don’t know his name! It’s not clear whether Kourt and Scott are fighting over what to name Baby Disick, or if they are just hiding it from the media to get better ratings on Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 193929747, but either way, I’m throwing in my two cents. Here’s some predictions for Baby Disick’s name:

Ryan: The Kardashians owe everything in life to Ryan Seacrest, and this might be the perfect way to repay him.

Ray J: Same reason as above. It’s time for the famous family to give back.

Simon: Doesn’t Mason, Penelope and Simon Disick just sound great?

South: Watching Kim and Kourtney fight over which direction is a better baby name (spoiler alert: the answer is neither) would make GREAT television.

Bruce:  If Kourtney’s step-dad, Bruce Jenner, is actually becoming a woman, the famous couple is probably thinking he doesn’t need his name anymore.

Knight: Lord Disick definitely wants his son to have a name with a royal connotation.

Jeffrey/Robert: Some media sources say Scott wants to honor his late father, Jeffrey, and name the baby Jeff, and others say Kourtney would like to honor her late father Robert. Mason, Penelope and Jeff doesn’t really flow, and Robert is a little overdone in the Kardashian fam, so I’m predicting a combination of the two. JR, RJ, Jeffert, Roeff, the possibilities are endless…

UPDATE: Kourtney has finally spoken Instagramed! Baby Disick is officially… Reign Aston Disick.I know Reign was not on my list of name predictions, but I did guess Knight because of the royal connotation, and that’s pretty close, so I’m calling this is a win. Do I know Lord Disick or what?

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