14 Potential Reasons Why Nina Dobrev is Leaving TVD

Nina Dobrev, who plays like 975357192 characters on The Vampire Diaries, is quitting the show after the 6th season. The show is going to continue without her, and Nina is going to “explore” and “rest.” I’m calling BS on that one because “be a normal 22 year old”  turned out to be “work on solo career” (I’m looking at you ZAYN!). Here’s some reasons why Nina might actually be leaving her hit CW show:

1. She’s writing a book about how terrible it is to work with your ex (Ian Somerhalder) with Sophia Bush.

2. She wants to return and graduate from Degrassi Community School

3. She’s starting a band with Zayn from 1D.

4. She’s joining Grey’s Anatomy.

5. She’s excited about Hilary Duff’s new song and wants to become her groupie.

6. The writers told her she had to play another character.

7. She needs to comfort her former costar Drake after Kentucky’s loss.

8. She wants to star in TV commercials like other former teen drama starts– Lane from Gilmore Girls (Verizon) and Bevin from One Tree Hill (Crest Toothpaste).

9. She wants to perfect her Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball number like Anne Hathaway and be on Lip Synch Battle.

10. She’s becoming a professional dancer like her BFF Julianne Hough and former hookup Derek.

11. She’s working on her beer pong skills.

12. She wanted to steal Michael Trevino’s moment. (Yes, Tyler is leaving TVD too and no one cares because #Nina).

13. She’s jealous that Jane the Virgin won a Golden Globe and her CW show didn’t.

14. She’s mad that everyone likes Caroline more than Elena (and that Candice Accola pulled her flag in flag football).

Whatever the reason, Nina is not going to be in the 7th season and the show must go on. I think they should kill her off, but they are probably going to have her take the cure and become a happy, normal human. #Boring #Caroline4Prez

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