#CollegeGirlProbs, As Told By March Madness

March Madness is a magical time of year, but it’s coming to an end tonight. In case you’ve been living under a rock, everyone in the country filled out a bracket and bet money on college basketball and huddled around the TV to see what team will win. The best part? The reaction pictures and gifs from the players , coaches and the audience. Here’s some emotions and problems that every college girl feels, as told by March Madness.

1. When you’re fighting with your roommate over the last piece of pizza:


2. When your whole group of friends gets into the bar (or finally turns 21):


3. When you and your best friend were both thinking about going to happy hour:


4. When your takeout finally arrives:


5. When your hair is on point like #31 and someone tries to touch it:


6. When Uptown Funk comes on at the bar:


7. When Olivia Pope kisses Fitz and it hurts your heart and eyes (or Jake, if you’re insane and not #teamJake):


8. When all of your friends are going out, but you have to study:


9. When you walk into a class and have no idea you’re going to be hit with a quiz:


10. When you get frustrated because you cannot pick an outfit:


11. When you’re “bonding” when with your friends, but you see someone cute at the bar you want to talk to (a la #15):


12. When you pass a test you thought you failed:


13. When you fail a test you thought you passed:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.18.23 PM

14. When the one class you miss had a pop quiz or clicker points:


15. When you’re trying to get a drink a the bar:


16. When you find out someone in your class wants the same internship as you:

Bobby Portis, Justin Jackson

17. When you find out there is going to be free pizza, free t-shirts or free anything at your meeting:


18. When The Bachelor gives The Final Rose to the person you picked on the first night (and you win alcohol from your Bachelor bracket):


19. When you’re too far gone to pose for an Instagram:


20. When your friend is about to reveal who A on PLL is:


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