14 Things That Happened In The First Week of November That I’m Still Talking About

1. Giuliana Rancic wished me Happy Birthday: G is officially my best friend. I have to give a shoutout to my mom for buying me XO by G wine for my birthday, and you could say I was a little excited when my idol decided to like the picture and wish me happy birthday. Thank you G! Let me know if you need an intern, babysitter, bestie or idk, maid?



2. Kris Jenner’s Birthday party: I don’t know what is better– the epic parody music video that Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie made for their mom’s birthday or this picture of Kris Jenner passed out after. Either way, KJ turned 60 better than I turned 21.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.09.21 PM

3. James Harden: In addition to being seen out on multiple days with Khloe over the past week, James Harden made an appearance on her instagram in the best gif I have ever seen. His side eye puts all of the Real Housewives to shame.


4. Blake and Gwen: I finally have a reason to watch The Voice again. After calling it quits with their respective spouses over the summer, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have decided to date. I can’t decide if it’s a PR move or the best thing to ever happen, but either way I am so intrigued to see where this goes.

Credit: E!
Credit: E!

5. Alex M and Talan like the podcast: Laguna Beach alums Alex M and Talan have shown my podcast, We Love The 2000s, some love on Twitter. It’s unclear if they listened to it or not, but I’m pretty sure they did. They are probably texting each other now and discussing how right my podcast partner Lou and I are.



6. Little Mix: One of my daily life struggles is trying to decide if I like Fifth Harmony or Little Mix better, but this week the British girls won because they took over Buzzfeed’s snapchat and dang can they sing.

7. Chris Stapleton: I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHO HE IS, but he won three CMA awards last week and everyone in country music was fangirling over him like he was freaking Oprah. At first he reminded me of Spencer Pratt because he was wearing crystals.


Then I noticed how his hair looked like a Pantene commercial (minus the beard, obvi).


Then I went absolutely insane with FOMO because I have never heard a Chris Stapleton song.


8. Brad and Carrie’s Joke: Speaking of the CMAs, I have to give it up to the tasteful Blake and Miranda joke. “And of course, we can’t ignore the breakup that really rocked our world, the one that’s on everyone’s minds, two people who we all know and love: Splitsville,” Carrie said. While the camera showed us Kermit and Miss Piggy, Brad made it clear who the dig was to when he said, “and on a completely unrelated note, Howdy Blake.”

tumblr_nxcr1hQu7T1r7y4e6o1_500 tumblr_nxcr1hQu7T1r7y4e6o2_r1_500

Sidenote: Miranda was MIA during most of the show, but killed her performance and new pink hair. Hopefully she doing better than she was during her acceptance speech when she sounded as enthusiastic as someone going to the dentist.


9. Hilary Duff’s cape: There are no words… except can I have cape for Christmas, mom?


10. Donald Trump’s Hotline Bling: Donald Trump hosted SNL over the weekend, and made sure we would never be able to listen to Drake again.

11. Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen reunion: Danny Tanner got to give Michelle a hug again. Hopefully this means that Ashley decided to reconsider ditching the Full House reboot, and will suck it up and say “You got it dude” one more time.


12. Khloe Kardashian’s book: I think everyone knows I’m a fan of KhloMoney, but her new book is actually super OP. It’s details her weight loss journey and seriously inspired me to go to the gym. It also has great pictures and recipes, and insulted Kris Humphries in the first chapter. Oh, and she retweeted my selfie with my copy 🙂


13. Jennifer Lawrence washes her hands: After making headlines for joking that she does not wash her hands after she goes to the bathroom, JLaw is confirming she does indeed practice hygiene.

14. Demi and Nick think they are worth over $10,000: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are going on tour together and selling VIP packages for 10K. Casual. BTW, this ridiculously amount of money does NOT include a ticket to the show. Not very Disney of you Nick & Dems.


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