Tyga & Kylie, Justin & Selena and Charlie Sheen

Due to my crazy schedule this semester, I am going to start posting the articles I write for different websites here. I am interning at a website called TheCelebrityCafe.com, and continuing to write for Her Campus Ohio State– I am also doing HC’s social media so follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Finally, subscribe and leave a review for my new podcast We Love The 2000s!


Charlie Sheen reveals he’s HIV positive

Rose McGowan criticizes Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance speech

Denise Richards knew Charlie Sheen was HIV positive

Rose McGowan clarifies comments about Caitlyn Jenner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to spend the holidays together

Harry Styles hooked up with a fan

Bella Throne opens up about a Hollywood mean girl

Martin Sheen speaks out after Charlie reveals he’s HIV-positive

Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska is engaged

Taye Diggs reveals he wants his son to be called biracial

Kelly Clarkson releases video with daughter River

Bette Midler says ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ is not happening

Top 10 most memorable AMA moments

Shameless season 6 trailer debuts

Seth Meyers is expecting his first child with Alexi Ashe

Kylie Jenner posts snapchat with Tyga after breakup rumors

Justin Bieber sings “My Girl” to Selena Gomez at a hotel bar

SNL delivers Thanksgiving skit with Adele’s help

Lauren Bush Lauren gives birth to her first child

15 Things Sandy and Seth Cohen taught me about life

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