The 13 Stages of Studying for Finals, As Told By Penelope Disick and North West

As it turns out, being a rich toddler is very similar to taking your final exams in college.

The Naive Stage: As long as you read your books and study your notes you will be fine! This is not going to be as painful as last year. You’ve learned.


The Coffee Stage: The answer to all of my problems? Starbucks! Going to drink every last sip.


The Distracted Stage: Let me just check Instagram real quick. And Twitter. And Snapchat. And Facebook. And the Pinterest I forgot I had but get obsessed with every time there’s a big exam or paper due.


I should also try on all of my clothes, paint my nails, online shop for six hours, braid my hair and paint my nails again.

The I Can Be Successful Without A College Degree Stage: I should just drop out of school and get a job. Any job! I could work construction, retail, become a stripper… the possibilities are endless.


The Princess Stage: I never used to dream about being a nurse, teacher or PR specialist. I wanted to be a Disney Princess! What do I have to major in to make that happen?


Ditto goes for being a mermaid.


The I Hate My Classmates Stage: No, I do not want to share my brilliant study guide with you or send you pictures of the exam I passed and you failed. It’s survival of the fittest out here.


The Food Stage: Finals are a good excuse to eat 3,000+ calories, right?


I mean, calories don’t count when you’re stressed.


Ordering pizza or Chinese food at 2am will keep me motivated.


Every time I memorize a flashcard, I deserve a bite of ice cream. *Finishes a gallon without picking up a flashcard.*


The Sleep Stage: If I take a 5 minute power nap, I will be able to focus.






Roommate comes home: Power nap? I’m in.


Three hours later and you both feel refreshed. And too comfortable to move.


The Life’s Not Fair Stage: It should be illegal to make people memorize this much information.

Who needs math anyway! Or Spanish! Or history! Or science!

The Study Buddy Stage:  If we study together, it will go faster and be less boring.rs_600x600-150709091928-600.2.Kim-Kardashian-Instagram-North-West-Penelope-Disick.jl.070915_copy

Or we will just talk about how we want to spend Friday night and how much we love each other.tumblr_nr8e8lNkYw1tqq2cuo1_1280

The What Would North Do Stage: North West would beg her parents to forgive her for failing her finals. I hope my mom is as forgiving as Kim.


The Defeated Stage: I. Literally. Cannot. Do. This. Anymore.


I. Am. Over. It.


Finals: 1028972598, Me: 0


The Praying Stage:  Dear God Saint West, I promise to be the best version of myself, never lie and never talk about someone behind their back if you help me pass this exam. Amen.


The Wing It Stage: Here goes nothing. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.31.27 AM


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