11 Reasons You Should Be Watching Scandal

There’s still 11 days until Scandal returns, which is plenty of time to binge watch the first 2 and 1/2 seasons. And just in case you need some convincing of why you should spend your time this way, here’s 11 reasons why you should be watching Scandal.

1. Olivia Pope: Olivia is a “fixer,” and basically cleans up the messes of political/famous figures. And she does it with a badass attitude, lovable sass, a great wardrobe and a bottle of wine waiting for her at home.

2. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope: Kerry Washington was born to play this role. She makes you root for Olivia and her associates no matter how terrible or crazy the person they’re trying to help is.

3. Secrets and Twists: Every time you think you know what is about to happen, Scandal goes in a totally different direction and shocks the viewer again. The best part is the twists aren’t that far-fetched and don’t leave you mad because it’s so unrealistic (a la Homeland).

4. The Cliffhangers: The writers of this show treat every episode like a season finale, and the last 5 minutes will always leave you wanting more and dreaming up all the possibilities for next week’s episode.

5. The Gladiators: Olivia Pope & Associates wouldn’t be anything without the associates. Olivia’s coworkers, her Gladiators, are the perfect combination of ruthless, likable and attractive, and don’t leave any case unsolved.

6. Love Triangles: Like any good drama, this show brings on the love triangles. Whether the focus is Fitz-Mellie-Olivia or Olivia-Fitz-Jake, this show gives you a hot man or woman to root for.

7. Emotion: The whole cast of Scandal knows how to bring on the tears, and will leave you crying with them.

8. Shonda Rhimes: The woman behind Scandal is named Shonda Rhimes… sound familiar? It should because Shonda is also the mastermind behind the long-running, medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and if that’s not reason enough to watch this show than you’ve clearly never seen Grey’s.

9. Hot, hot, hot: The love scenes on this show are so intense you might think you’re watching HBO or ShowTime. And have I mentioned the attractive cast?

10. Scandal: This show lives up to its name and brings on the drama. The story-lines are fast paced, surprising and down right scandalous. Plus, all of the characters have history, which means flashbacks, and anyone who watches TV knows flashbacks mean drama.

11. #Olitz

Gif: http://www.tumblr.com

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