Mrs. and Mrs. Gilmore-Stevens

I’ve expressed how much I love it when characters from shows I love date in real-life (, but not in movies. Katherine Heigl, better known in my world as Izzie Stevens, and Alexis Bledel, AKA Rory Gilmore, play a couple getting married in an upcoming indie film, Jenny’s Wedding. Heigl is currently working on raising money for the project to finish up in post-production, so just in case it’s never seen, I took the liberty of summarizing what I think the plot should be.

Izzie’s depressed about getting fired from Seattle Grace and ruining her marriage to Alex.

After days of hiding out, Izzie goes to a coffee shop and meets, Rory, who just wrapped up her time on Obama’s compaign.

The two hit it off right away and become fast friends.

Izzie starts to like Rory, and realizes maybe this is why she was always jealous of Meredith and Cristina’s friendship.

And why all of her past relationships have failed.

Rory is thinking the same thing.

But before the two can admit their feelings for each other, Rory’s in an accident.

Izzie rushes her to Seattle Grace, and they worry it might be too late.

But Rory miraculously recovers, and only feels a little bit of pain.

But then, Rory’s ex-boyfriend shows up because he heard about her accident and does this.

And Izzie’s all depressed again.

But Rory finds Izzie, and explains.

And the two get married and live happily ever after.

The end.

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