RIP Diem Brown #DiemStrong

Diem Brown battled cancer THREE different times throughout her 32 years of life. Diem is the definition of a fighter. A warrior. A badass. A positive spirit. The world is going to miss her, but is never going to forget her. We had the pleasure of watching Diem on 7 different seasons of The Challenge. Diem fought hard, fell in love and showed the world what strength really is on many different occasions.


The Challenge is a reality show that features MTV stars living together and competing in difficult, strenuous challenges and eliminations. The competitions on The Challenge are intense and most of them take great strength and courage. This isn’t a reality show that an average person could compete on many times. To be successful on The Challenge, you need to be fearless and tough. To be successful on The Challenge, you need to be like Diem Brown.


Rumor has it, Diem was competing in her 8th Challenge when she collapsed in Panama this Summer. She was competing with on-again, off-again love CT in another season of Battle of the Exes. Diem would find out shortly that her cancer had returned for the 3rd time. Her ovarian cancer had spread to her colon and stomach. Within a few months, the cancer would also spread to her liver and lymph nodes. CT was by her side during her final months.


On two different seasons, Diem joined The Challenge only a few weeks after finishing her chemotherapy. But she never let that slow her down. She bravely took off her wig and showed the world what being a strong, beautiful women really is. She fought hard and never complained. Diem’s seasons of The Challenge were filled with heart-wrenching, inspiring and hopeful moments.



Diem used her platform on The Challenge to start a website called MedGift. MedGift is a patient gift registry, and through the website patients can start a fundraiser to help ease their financial burden, create a calendar to coordinate care and daily tasks and give progress updates through their support wall. You can help keep Diem’s dream of helping others alive by donating to


According to, right after Diem’s death the hospital fire alarm went off. Her friend Julie Rotondi explained the significance of that moment: “There were strobe lights, and it was so loud – like a dance club. All of our hearts stopped. It was classic Diem. She was up there having her dance off. It could not have been more fitting. It was like, ‘Yep. She did that.’ ”


I’ve followed Diem’s story for years, and her death hit me hard. However, Diem would never want anyone to feel sorry for her. She would want everyone to keep fighting his or her own battles. Diem was a true inspiration and fighter.

“I want people to know that the fight is worth it. And that’s something that’s so important for me.” Rest easy, Diem.

Diem Brown-TYG-030622

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