How Marnie On Girls Would Handle A Proposal

Allison Williams, who plays Marnie on HBO’s Girls, is engaged to the cofounder of CollegeHumor, Ricky Van Veen. I’m sure Allison is very happy about her engagement, but I bet Marnie, who’s been dealing with a breakup on Girls, would have a different reaction to a proposal (assuming she starts dating someone new).

Marnie would start off excited about her new jewelry:

Then she would call her best friend Hannah to talk about it:
tumblr_n04qm86Pqm1sunajqo1_250 tumblr_n04qm86Pqm1sunajqo4_250

And wouldn’t take her reaction (or lack there of) very well:

And because Hannah’s “busy,” she would have everyone else over to celebrate:

She would briefly leave the celebration…:

…To go Facebook stalk her ex-boyfriend Charlie for the 20th time:

After her minor Charlie relapse, Marnie would get back to celebrating:

Until she drunkenly started rambling about Charlie again:

Her new fiancé would hear, leave and Marnie wouldn’t handle it very well:

Jessa and Shoshanna are the only people left, and express how they feel about the situation:


But Marnie ignores them and keeps complaining:
tumblr_mzdajfoYyG1qbp7ebo1_250 tumblr_mzdajfoYyG1qbp7ebo2_r1_250-1

Hannah finally shows up, and Marnie answers the door (and the only thing that makes her stop crying is insulting Hannah, naturally):

And Hannah responds:

And after moments of silence, the 4 friends come together the only way they know how:

And finally, Marnie realizes she is back to where she started:
tumblr_mwpey34J3A1qb5hljo3_250 tumblr_mwpey34J3A1qb5hljo4_250

Tune in next week to see who Marnie will tell the grilled pizza story to next.


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