The Emotional (but Wonderful) Struggles of Thursday Night Television

Thursdays. Are. Back.

Now that the Olympics are over, all of our favorite shows are back and if last night is any indication, are better than ever. Some college students go out on Thursday Nights, but I prefer to stay in and watch the epic TV lineup (unless they’re repeats, of course). I mean, I’m probably going to end up crying, screaming/freaking out and making a fool of myself either way, so I might as well do it in my sweatpants. Without giving too much away, this is how Thursdays go when you stay in and watch The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Parenthood.

After wrapping up your daily viewing of E! News, it’s time for The Vampire Diaries at 8. The “previously on” starts and you’re excited about what the night has in store:

Within the first 10 minutes of TVD, a new problem with one of the characters is discovered, and you just don’t know how they’re going to get out of this one:

Then something cute happens with one of the many couples:

And something terrible happens to one of the other couples:

There’s a near-death experience:

When the characters find a temporary way to solve their problems:

And you’re relieved until you see the promo for next week:

It’s time for Grey’s Anatomy, and just when you’re recovering from TVD, Grey’s starts up with a trauma, intense surgery or resolving a cliffhanger from last week:
tumblr_n0mmo9CTXz1s88ak5o3_r1_250 tumblr_n0mmo9CTXz1s88ak5o1_250

On the other side of the hospital, something funny happens:

Before the laughter or smile even wears off, there’s a fight between friends or spouses:

Another couple makes up after their fight from the week before (usually in a closet or on-call room):

A patient (or in some episodes a main character) is about to die or does die:

The episode ends and leaves you feeling a combination of nervous, lonely, angry, sad, happy and depressed:

You realize Scandal has started (once you wipe away all of your tears), and as always, it starts off with a bang:

You flip over to Parenthood for a sneak peek (you’ll watch the full episode tomorrow) at Scandal’s first commercial break, and end up tearing up because of the latest Braverman Family problem:

Scandal’s plot thickens and everything Olivia Pope and Associates had planned backfires:

There’s an Olivia/Fitz moment:

You check back in on Parenthood, and this time witness a heartwarming Braverman moment:

Olivia continues to try to solve her current problem with a bottle of wine by her side and you’re compelled to do the same:

Mellie, Quinn or Cyrus do something downright illegal and/or scandalous:

Once last pop-in on Parenthood, and obviously something terribly heartbreaking/sad is happening:

Scandal ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger:

And you go to bed feeling like:

Spend a week processing everything you just saw, struggle to make it to Thursday, and repeat.


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