The King of Rom-Coms Becomes An Academy Award Winner

Congratulations on your first Academy Award, Matthew McConaughey! Some are frustrated because this is Matthew’s first nomination, while Leonardo DiCaprio remains Oscar-less after four nominations. Personally, I like Matthew, and think Leo is doing just fine. Matthew may have won his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, but he’s been the King of Romantic Comedies for a long time.

Dazed and Confused: Not exactly a rom-com, but this movie brings us McConaughey’s most famous line. It also includes a pre-Oscar Ben Affleck, and follows a group of teenagers in the 70s during the last day of school.

The Wedding Planner: The first of Matthew’s many leading ladies, Jennifer Lopez, plays a successful wedding planner who falls for one of her clients, played by McConaughey. A super-blonde Matthew then has to make a choice between his wedding planner and fiancĂ©.
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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Kate Hudson plays a writer working on an article for a magazine about “how to lose a guy in 10 days,” while Matthew bets his coworkers he can get any girl to fall in love with him. The two develop real feelings for each other, but don’t want to confess their initial intentions.

Failure to Launch: Sarah Jessica Parker is hired by Matthew’s parents to help get him to move out of their house. SJP’s character is confused by Matthew’s Tripp because he is unlike her other clients, and struggles to keep the relationship platonic.
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Fool’s Gold: This action-packed, romantic comedy reunites Kate Hudson and McConaughey. This time they play estranged spouses who work together on a hunt to find lost teasure.
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Ghost of Girlfriends Past: A play on A Christmas Carol, Matthew plays Connor, a womanizer who is visited by the girls of his past, present and future. Jennifer Garner, who he also worked with on Dallas Buyers Club, stars as his main girl.

Magic Mike: Loosely based on the experiences of actor Channing Tatum’s time as a stripper, McConaughey plays Dallas, the owner of the strip club. Matthew and Channing are joined by Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, which makes this movie a must see because of all the eye candy.

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