Prom Dos and Don’ts, As Told By TV

Prom season is here, and I think the best way for high school students to prepare is by watching (and learning) from their favorite TV characters. It’s also a great way for anyone post-high school to relive “the glory days” (I use quotes because #spoileralert— it’s all a tad overrated). That being said, it’s still supposed to be a night to remember (cue the High School Musical 3 song), and some classic television episodes can help you make sure it is.

DO: Step up if your friend needs a date… Even if they don’t find out you did until they watch the prom video 10 years later. You could end up being each other’s lobsters like Ross and Rachel on Friends.

DON’T: Pull a Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World and accidentally book a room in the same hotel as your parents (and definitely don’t accidentally switch room keys at the ice machine).

DO: Understand this is one of the last opportunities to talk to or thank one of your fellow classmates (especially if they were constantly saving you from vamps like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

DON’T: Starve yourself all day and then drink multiple glasses of champagne… unless you’re positive that the entire school will defend you when you’re not allowed to walk at graduation and chant “Donna Martin Graduates” at your school board hearing like on Beverly Hills, 90210.

DO: Dance with “the person you love”… even if they’re not your date like Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek.
3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043474-245-250 3-22-The-Anti-Prom-pacey-and-joey-35043483-245-250

DON’T: Fight with your boyfriend/date because your stalker WILL attack you and your best friend if you decide not to attend like on One Tree Hill.

DO: Get back together with your ex if he’s as good looking as McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy as long as you…

DON’T: Leave your underwear behind for someone else to find (and post on the surgical board).

DO: Help the couple you think should win Prom King & Queen… even if it means you have to vote for them time and time again, like Chuck did for Blair on Gossip Girl.

DON’T: Let your Uncle chaperone if you have plans to go to an after party because he will pull you off the elevator and embarrass you like Uncle Jesse did to DJ on Full House.

DO: Put someone who is responsible and good with money in charge of the night or weekend plans like Taylor Townsend on The OC and…

DON’T: Be surprised if the high school dropout aka Volchok (who the alcoholic of your grade aka Marissa brings) steals the money anyway (and hooks up with Naomi from 90210).

DO: Be considerate of your date’s or friend’s money situation and understand prom can be fun on a budget, like Zach did for Kelly on Saved by the Bell.

DON’T: Make-out with your best friend’s boyfriend… she will find out and it won’t be worth it. (Plus do you really want to do something Liberty on Degrassi would do?!)

DO: Spend as much time with your friends as you do your date/boyfriend like Carrie, Walt, Maggie and Mouse on The Carrie Diaries.

DON’T: Be surprised if someone who you have a somewhat meaningful conversation with totally forgets because he/she drank too much like Logan did to Veronica on Veronica Mars.

DO: Channel your favorite character for dress inspiration (especially the cast of The Vampire Diaries).
tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio3_250 tumblr_mlirckYFCD1qlyrm7o4_250
tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio8_250 tumblr_mlvykftprc1qdmpgio1_250

DON’T: Call the cops on your friends and speed away angry… you just might hit someone and be haunted by that night for a very long time a la Annie on 90210.

Have fun and don’t do anything Serena van der Woodsen wouldn’t do.

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