Summer TV: What’s Worth Staying Inside For

Now that May has come and gone, you may think your nights of good television are over. However, times have changed and more and more networks are adding Summer programing to their lineups. I put together a list– old shows and new shows, reality shows and scripted shows– and think there is definitely plenty to watch.

Currently on Air: The Bachelorette Bachelorette Andi has eliminated about half of the 25 men competing for her heart, but you can catch up on the drama and make-out sessions OnDemand or online. For those who have made the right choice and have been on top of their (or Andi’s) game, I plan on voicing my opinion on who Andi should pick when there are a few less roses left. But for now I will say, Brian is my top choice, Nick V needs to realize you don’t fall in love after two dates and I already miss Eric.
Bonus: ABC just announced Bachelor in Paradise– to premiere August 4th– which is basically Bachelor Pad… but on a tropical island. Three guys from this season of the Bachelorette (that have yet to be announced for obvious reasons) will join Lacy, Clare and Elise from Juan Pablo’s season, AshLee, Daniella and Sarah from Sean’s season, Ben and Robert from Desiree’s season and Bachelor Pad alums Graham and Deanna in Mexico. I can already see the drama brewing all the way from New Jersey.

Currently on Air: Mistresses Alyssa Milano’s drama, which airs after the Bachelorette on Mondays, is underrated IMO. Milano’s Savi, her sister Joss and their friends April and Karen star as four women who make interesting life choices– especially in the relationship department. I’m not saying the show is Emmy worthy, but as far as guilty pleasures go, it does the job. Bonus points because Bailey’s hot husband from Grey’s Anatomy is on it.

Premiering June 6th: Orange is the New Black The Netflix hit, which takes place in a women’s prison, will release 13 new episodes this Friday, and if the second season is anything like the first it’s a must see. The show follows multiple female prisoners trying to make the best of their lives in jail. Between the drama, the fighting and the flashbacks detailing why the women are in prison, this show is guaranteed to entertain you and the next episode will start to play before you can think twice about it.

Premiering June 8th: Keeping Up With The Kardashians Everyone’s (well, not everyone’s) favorite family is back on E! this Sunday with a brand new season. News of Kourtney’s pregnancy, Khloé’s new relationship and Kim’s wedding is sure to make this season another great addition to the E! Kardashian marathons.

Premiering June 10th: Pretty Little Liars I know a lot of my friends have decided to give up on PLL, but I ain’t no quitter (not when it comes to watching TV anyway, every other “activity” I’ve tried is another story). The ABC Family show, which is about to begin it’s fifth season, has had its ups and downs in the storyline department, but after the season four finale I’m confident the show will regain focus and get back to tweet-worthy moments.

Premiering June 25th: Big Brother The new Big Brother contestants will be entering the Big Brother house any day now, and by the end of June we will get to spy and root (for and against!) another group hoping to win some money by the end of the Summer. I’m counting down the minutes until host Julie Chen (and all of the scandalous drama, relationships, backstabbing and competition) is back on my TV (and computer because the 24 hour livefeeds of the house is half of the fun).

Premiering June 25th: Mystery Girls Tori Spelling is back acting on TV for the first time in years (the word acting is very important because Tori (and her personal problems) have been featured on reality TV for many, many seasons now). The comedy stars Tori and her former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Jennie Garth (Donna & Kelly forever!) back together and solving crimes. I don’t know how funny this comedy will be, but I think the opportunity to make 90210 references (Donna Martin Graduates!) is reason enough to watch at least a few episodes of Mystery Girls.

Premiering June 27th: Girl Meets World The Boy Meets World spinoff is almost here! If you love Cory and Topanga as much as I do, you’ve already checked out the pilot on Disney Channel’s website (even if it means you have to steal your friend’s Xfinity account information behind his back) and have realized the show is definitely aimed at a younger audience (it is Disney). However, seeing Cory and Topanga all grown up and together again (plus that Mr. Feeny cameo— tear, tear!) makes it a must see. Bonus points because of all of the former BMW stars that have already taped episodes.

Premiering July 17th: Candidly Nicole A purple haired Nicole Richie is bringing her AOL mini series, Candidly Nicole, to VH1. The reality show is based on Nicole’s hilarious twitter feed and promises to bring many laughs. I’m hoping husband Joel Madden makes an appearance (and brings his twin brother and rumored new girlfriend Cameron Diaz along). Bonus points because LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s new reality show is going to air after it, and that couple is a walking twosome just asking for drama.

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