Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, It’s Mindy and Tyra Collette y’all!

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 4.31.37 PM

Buzzfeed reunited Mindy and Tyra from Friday Night Lights and asked them all kinds of FNL questions, and I’m forever grateful. I’m also feeling inspired and am thinking about where my favorite people characters are now. Coach and Tami are still perfect, and loving life at their new school. Julie and Matt have moved next door to them, and Julie is pregnant (and fighting with her mom about wedding plans). The alien baby is still in the background and that is never going to change. Tim Riggins realized he made a huge mistake trying to be with Tyra and went off to find Lyla. The two are bringing the “Texas Forever” attitude to Tennessee while Lyla finishes school at Vanderbilt, and plan to return to Dillon when she graduates. Tyra’s extremely mad and still not accepting her fate with Landry, who is in LA recording with his band (as seen on Parenthood). Jason Street and his family are also in Tennessee, and Six and Riggins are exploring many different business endeavors. Smash is in the NFL, Luke is writing letters to Becky from the army and Vince and Jess went off to college together. And last but certainly not least, Mindy and Billy are doing many illegal things to try to make enough money to keep their house and their kids fed. Clear eyes, full hearts, I miss FNL.


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