I got my mime on..

I got my mime on my money, and my money on my mime.”
“You don’t make fun of someone for being thankful.

The Bachelorette was filled with quality lines this week, and two of the best were by personal trainer contestant Cody. So as a result, this week’s TV Quote Of The Week is a double dose of the Macklemore lookalike. The mime quote was just too ridiculous not to include, and the thankful quote was the best part of Cody’s fight with Nick V. Nick was bragging about being a “frontrunner” in the competition for Andi’s heart, and mocked Cody for repeatedly talking about how thankful he was to be there. I personally don’t think either of them should get any more roses, but Andi is convinced Nick isn’t the loser and creep he clearly is (I almost made that ridiculously cheesy poem (or was it a letter?) he wrote for her the TVQOTW, but decided to spare us all).

TVQOTW Runner Up: “When did she have time to get a dog?” – Aria from Pretty Little Liars

Aria’s talking about newly returned Ali, and how she’s been back in town for about 5 minutes and already making everything 10x worse. Somethings never change (and probably should if they want people to keep watching this show).

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