WSPPD: What Should Paula Patton Do?

Robin Thicke has been attempting to get his ex-wife back ever since he premiered his new song, “Get Her Back,” at the Billboard Music Awards. He thanked her in his acceptance speech, sung his new single loud and proud and even named his new album “Paula.” Now the video for “Get Her Back” is out, and it’s another attempt to get her attention. The video features text messages that read things like, “You embarrassed me,” “I can’t make love to you anymore” and “You drink too much.” No one knows if the text messages are real or not, but if Robin’s other decisions mean anything, I’d say they are straight from his iPhone. Either way, Robin’s intentions are clear and I think it’s time for Paula to make a move. Or for Robin to find a time machine and not dirty dance with Miley Cyrus or get caught flirting with other women at parties. They both have the ability to stop this trainwreck of a “career.”

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