Happy 100th, Pretty Little Liars!

Pretty Little Liars is the latest show to join The 100 Episode Club, and just a few days before the episode premiered, my blog reached 100 posts! To celebrate the occasion, I put together a list of 25 thoughts (because 100 is way too many) I had during PLL’s 100th episode, and included some revisions to the hashtags ABC Family puts on screen and attempts to get trending.

1. Jenna is back! And looks good considering the actress who plays her is actually 30 years old and just had her first baby.
2. #TobyGetAHaircut
3. Is this the longest senior year ever, or the longest senior year ever? #AWontEverLetYouGraduateBitches
4. And more importantly, how come #Gayrons didn’t just appear on the screen?
5. “That’s the Queen of Mean?” Donna LaDonna from The Carrie Diaries, are you jealous? Do you miss Castleberry?
6. Spencer’s bandana-scarf is so tight, it’s like she’s asking “A” to choke her.
7. No. One. Dresses. Like. This. For. School. #NewStylistForHire
8. Holdup… Lucas isn’t gay? #PlotTwist
9. Yes, Aria! Go to Jenna’s house and tell her you blinded her, then killed her girlfriend. #AriasGreatPlan
10. Frozen reference! 10 points for PLL.
11. Anyone else getting a Paige Michalchuk (from Degrassi) vibe from Ali? Queen bees who crush on their friends (and totally look alike)…
photo (26)
12. Caleb! I’m so happy to see you! But why did you disappear from the coffee shop faster than Ravenswood did from ABC Family? #IHopeCalebLeftToShaveHisMustache
13. Drunk Hanna is the best Hanna. #ABCFamilySupportsUnderageAlcoholConsumption
14. I don’t believe Jenna is blind. I do, however, believe she is crushing on Aria. #EveryoneOnThisShowIsALesbian
15. “I made you loser Mona once, and I can do it again!” #WhoStillSaysLoser
16. I didn’t know it was possible for a slap to make someone bleed.
17. “What did you do when she slapped you?” “I just stared at her.” #HasAliEverToldTheTruth #ThatsARectorialQuestion
18. #ABCFamilyAlsoSupportsSleepingWithYourTeacher should be the new #EziraForever
19. “I’ll be watching you” was a poor song choice for romantic scenes on a show with multiple stalkers.
20. #MonaIsGossipGirl
21. Jenna and Sydney are working with Mona? #LesbiansAganistAllison is the new “I hate Rachel club.”
22. “Bethany Young” was the girl found buried in Allison’s grave. I bet she was a lesbian who hated Ali too.
23. #Explosion
24. #AHasADollFetish
25. #AnotherEpisodeWhereNothingWasAnswered

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