“Do you even remember…”

Do you even remember what it feels like to care about anything?” “I remember.

This week’s TVQOTW is dedicated to new shows on the air. Both of them have aired two episodes, and both of them have left me with mixed feelings. The first is from HBO’s The Leftovers, which revolves around the aftermath of thousands of world-wide disappearances. The world, and one town in particular, don’t know how to handle losing their loved ones and react in all different ways. There’s non-talking cults, groupies of “Holy Wayne,” random/weird behavior and Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé trying to understand it all. The quote above is from Liv Tyler’s Meg, who is new to the town, and Amy Brenneman’s Nora, a cult member. I picked this quote because I didn’t understand over half of the episode, but this moment felt genuine and real and made me realize I don’t think we’re supposed to understand what is going on or what the characters are going through.

TVQOTW Runner Up: “Did you borrow my car or just steal it? I’m only asking because it’s not here.”

The Runner Up is from another new show, Finding Carter. The new MTV drama is about a girl named Carter who finds out her “mother” is actually her kidnapper, and is reunited with her real family (who she hasn’t seen since she was 3). It’s as strange as it sounds, but is more light-hearted than I expected. I picked this quote because it produced this reaction (and many more foam fingers throughout the episode):


Only time (and TVQOTW) will tell if these shows get deleted off my DVR list or not.

Gif: http://www.tumblr.com

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