If Lena Dunham put Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Jessica Szohr and Jamie King on “Girls”


What do Emma Stone, Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, Jessica Szohr and Jamie King all have in common? They’re all going to be on an episode of Lena’s show Girls! Just kidding, they all spend 4th of July together, but I think the Girls idea is more interesting. Emma Stone and Hannah could walk around NYC with “A’s” on their clothes (a la Easy A) and turn it into a chapter of Hannah’s e-book. Jamie King’s character on Hart of Dixie, Lemon Breeland, could bond with Shoshanna. The two would talk too fast and complete many DIY projects. Taylor Swift could give Marnie singing lessons and the duo could start a girl band that only writes songs about boys. Couldn’t you just imagine Marnie complaining about Charlie and Taylor complaining about John Mayer/Joe Jonas/Harry Styles/etc?! And last but not least, Jessica Szohr’s Vanessa (from Gossip Girl) could spend time with Jessa, and the two could open up a store in Brooklyn (and possibly get killed off of the show). FYI, Lena and all of the Girls’ writers, I’m available.

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