Big Brother Recap: Week 4


Another week has come and gone in the BB house, and Devin has been evicted. I don’t know if you heard, but #DevinHasADaughter and I’m sure he’s happy to be reunited with her. After his eviction, Frankie and Cody won HOH and are convinced all of the girls besides Christine and Nicole are threats and have to go. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Amber, while Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria. The minster and model pulled off the win, and the a very bitter Brittany and Victoria are left on the block.

Amber: After continuously rejecting Caleb and flirting with Cody, Amber has made a lot of enemies she doesn’t even know about. Live feeds and after dark specials have made it very clear that Christine/Nicole plus all of the boys (besides sweet Donny!) want her gone just because she’s annoying. Team America also won another $5,000 by agreeing she is a “physical threat” and getting her on the block. #2ForTeamAmerica #AndNoneForAmberBye

Brittany: The mother of 3 has made it no secret that she is unhappy about all of her time on the block. She was beyond insulted that she was paired/compared with Victoria, and made some metaphor about her and Victoria being broccoli and apples. #IsBrittanyTheBroccoliOrApples

Caleb: Caleb has laid low this week, but is still obviously in love with Amber (even though he is trying to deny it). He’s pulling a Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black and appearing wherever she is, and his actual eyes look like they’re going to pop out of his head from anger. #CalebsCrazyEyes

Christine: Someway, somehow the barista is in almost all of the alliances in the house. At least the ones that make moves. After the bomb squad exploded, they realigned with everyone except Amber and Devin. She’s also super tight with Nicole and Hayden. #DoTheyJustWantFreeDrinksFromSbux?

Cody: Cody’s working closely with Derrick, Zach and Frankie, and made the decision to target Brittany with them. He also confessed his man crush for Zac Efron. #WhoHasBetterAbsCodyOrZac

Derrick: This undercover cop is clearly running the show, and has a good chance of making it all the way to the end. His next move? Hopefully shaving his weird facial hair. #DerrickFor23JumpStreet

Donny: Donny wrote his own hashtag this week: #OldManBeatDown

Frankie: I’m just waiting for the day when everyone realizes Frankie is working with everyone and it all blows up in his face. Until then? #FrankiesNailsAreNicerThanMine

Hayden: I’m guessing Hayden will be one of the next HOHs, and his relationship with Nicole will get hot and heavy. I like the two of them, even though it was weird when he joked about eating her hair. #HaydenEatsHair

Jocasta: Between Donny using the veto to save her after she was too sick to compete and winning the Battle of the Block, I have one thing to say: #HasJocastaStoppedCryingYet

Nicole: Nicole is definitely becoming one to watch, and seems to have a lot of potential with her alliance with almost-boyfriend Hayden and Christine. Her game will probably depend on whether BFF Christine sides with her or the new Bomb Squad aka “The Detonators.” #NidenOrHaycole?

Victoria: She still hasn’t won anything, and the only thing she is known for is being terrible to share a bed with and wearing ridiculous heels. She’s also walked in on both Hayden/Nicole and Cody/Amber and totally killed the mood. #SendHomeTheThirdWheel

Zach: The more I look at Zach, the more I realized he reminds me of another Zack. The bright colors, the hair style, the loud/overly excited speeches, calling himself “Zach Attack” like a certain band on Saved by the Bell… #ZachIsZackMorris
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