Vacation Like Donna Martin, Serena van der Woodsen and The Kardashians

It’s an 8 letter word that automatically makes you feel relaxed and stress-free: vacation. To inspire you on where to spend the rest of your summer, or help you pretend you’re on vacay and not at work, here’s a look at your favorite TV characters in paradise.

Beverly Hills, 90210: First things first, living in the 90210 seems to be a vacation in itself. A trip to California could be just what the doctor ordered. Plus, you could try to find the beach where they filmed and pretend to be interested in buying Donna and Kelly’s beach apartment and get a tour. If beaches, volleyball and tanning isn’t your style, take a cue from Brenda and Donna and head to Paris. You might even become a model or meet someone dumb enough to buy your fake french accent.

Gossip Girl: Season 2 brought us to the Hamptons, and season 4 brought us to Paris and Monaco. Two things both trips have in common? Dramatic but wonderful scenes between Chuck and Blair, and fabulous clothes. Both GG and 90210 teach us you need a good mix of Europe and beach in your life (and shopping, obviously).
Bonus: Serena’s traveled to Spain and drank sangria/danced on tables for weeks… anyone care to meet me at the airport ASAP?

One Tree Hill: OTH has gone to Texas and Utah, but the best and most appealing trip: Puerto Rico. A girls weekend for Brooke, Quinn (who is really there for a photoshoot), Alex and Miss Lauren (#PlotTwist) in season 8 showed the girls drinking and living it up (and a newly pregnant B.Davis hilariously pretending to drink), while Haley was home with her new daughter.

Boy Meets World: No one likes to remember the BMW dark days when Cory and Topanga aren’t together, but nothing is better than the episodes where Cory and Shawn try to win her back. For example? Traveling to Disney World and crashing a school trip to get her attention. Nothing says true love like sleeping in a roller coaster and scuba diving with a sign that says, “I will chase you forever.”

The OC: TJ, anyone? In The OC’s first season, new friends Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer traveled to Tijuana (*cue Seth’s Spanish accent/pronunciation*). We almost lose Marissa (for the first time), but get to see some serious core 4 bonding. Just avoid taking pain killers with tequila (and having a cheating boyfriend), and your trip should run smoothly.

New Girl: If you’re all caught up on New Girl, you know that season 3’s finale brought a newly broken up Nick & Jess, Schmidt, CeCe, Winston and Coach on a cruise. I wouldn’t recommend going on your Lover’s Cruise with your ex and your friends, but if you can get a platonic group together (and don’t get locked in your room), a cruise is the way to go.

Bonus: Want to travel like a Kardashian? Head to Miami, Greece, Thailand or Bora Bora. No big deal or anything.

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