“The only thing artificial…”

The only thing artificial or fake about me is this!

Another TVQOTW dedicated to reality TV, which reinforces what we already knew: There’s. Nothing. Better. I’ll admit I’m not a frequent viewer of The Housewives series, but when I heard there was going to be a leg thrown across a restaurant, I couldn’t miss it. In the best moment since Teresa of NJ flipped the table, the NY housewives were arguing about whether or not Aviva really has asthma (her reason for missing a vacation with the ladies). Convinced she was lying, the ladies kept saying she had deeper issues and wanted her to confess. In an attempt to prove she isn’t crazy (lol), Aviva shut the girls up by taking off her prosthetic leg and threw it across the room.

TVQOTW Runner Up: “I cannot see anything in my left eye. Do you think it’s because I wore side bangs?” -Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie’s new show, Candidly Nicole, is everything I hoped it would be and more. Nicole explores life (and her hilarious tweets) and doesn’t hold back. She tries new things (parallel parking), hangs out with her sister (throws parties and gets drunk at the grocery store) and goes to the eye doctor even though she doesn’t need glasses (but wants them).

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