11 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Parenthood”

NBC’s most underrated show, Parenthood, is going into it’s sixth and final season this fall (ONLY 49 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!) and basically: you. should. be. watching. Not convinced? Here’s 11 reasons why you should binge watch Parenthood before the September 25th premiere.

1. The cast: Every actor on this show is extremely talented, and the show does a great job of giving each character a storyline.

2. And their chemistry: If you told me that The Bravermans were a real family, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Whether it’s as siblings, husband & wife or parent & child, the chemistry and connection between the actors is enough to make you leave your own family for a chance in theirs.

3. The storylines: This show tackles real-life issues (break-ups, make-ups, financial issues, cancer, Asperger’s and SO much more) and takes on the problems in a realistic way.

4. The laughs: This hour long drama does a great job of keeping you laughing with the Bravermans…

5. The tears: …and crying with the Bravermans. (I’m not lying when I say no other show brings out your emotional side like this one)

6. Lorelai Gilmore: While Lauren Graham technically plays “Sarah” on Phood, her character has definite Lorelai characteristics (a great connection with her daughter (and son), (mostly) terrible relationship choices and few too-fast-talking moments…)

7. Adam, Kristina and Max: Back to Asperger’s, not only is Max Burkholder amazing (x10) in his role of Max (who has Asperger’s), but watching his parents (Adam and Kristina) try to parent their son is heartwarming and tearjerking.

8. Friday Night Lights appearances: Miss Lyla Garrity, Vince Howard, Billy Riggins, Jesse Merriweather and Luke Cafferty? Watch Parenthood and see the actors kill it on the small screen just like on FNL. If only a Tim Riggins cameo was in the cards…

9. Amber and Ryan: Speaking of FNL, Matt Lauria’s
Ryan and Mae Whitman’s Amber are easily one of the cutest, intense and intriguing couples on TV right now.

10. The Theme Song: The highlight of my week is easily during Parenthood’s opening credits when Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” starts to play.

11. Kelly Clarkson and I both agree, there’s a 100% chance you’ll want to be a Braverman.

Gifs: http://www.tumblr.com

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