Camping, As Told By TV

As previously reported (by me!), I just returned from working at Sister Pat’s Kids Camp. After an amazing week of fishing/boating, swimming, campfires and more, I can’t get it off of my mind. As a result, I’ve put a camping twist on my favorite thing (TV, of course).

Camp Like Reality Stars: Back when Jessica Simpson was a newlywed for the first time, she went camping with then-husband Nick Lachey, his brother Drew and Drew’s wife Leah. If you want to camp like Jess, you bring your Louis Vuitton bag and complain 99% of the time. To camp like Nick, you need to be able to put up a tent, use the bear bins correctly and hike without falling. Another California camping trip happened on the first season of Laguna Beach. As LC learned, it’s important to bring a friend with you on your outdoor adventure, or else you might end up with no one to kayak with or swim with. It’s also highly recommended not to go with Kristin Cavallari for obvious reasons. To camp like The Kardashians, it’s important to bring your humor and imagination to the campsite. Whether you’re set on finding aliens/UFOs or embarrassing your brother and his girlfriend (TBT for the second time this week to Rob’s cheetah-licious relationship), the two Kardashian Kamping trips can prepare you.

Camp With Your Best Friends: As the wise Tori Spelling once said in response to her husband asking her if she’s ever been camping, “Once on Beverly Hills, 90210. That counts for something.” The whole 90210 gang headed to the wilderness in the second season, and taught us saving a random couple’s marriage, saving your best friend from falling off a cliff and saving your relationship after a fight is how you make real memories in the woods (and having David Silver there to film/capture it all). After tragedy rocks Tree Hill, the OTH crew takes a cue from 90210 and also heads to a cabin for some serious bonding. Nothing like a game of I Never, Pete Wentz, ATV racing and a marriage proposal to keep the woods interesting. The boys of OTH take on camping again in the 7th and 8th seasons. Once to save their beloved river-court, and once to teach Jamie (and Julian) camping traditions.

Camp Like A Man: In one of New Girl’s Thanksgiving episodes, Nick wants to “feel more like a man” and decides going camping with Jess and all of his friends is the way to do so. Nick, Schmidt and Winston even attempt to hunt for their dinner, while Jess, CeCe and Coach head to a nearby country store to buy items they pretend to find outside. A betrayed Nick and a dedicated Jess make for an hilarious camping trip (and tips on what not to do). On Dawson’s Creek, Pacey brings best friend Dawson to their favorite childhood campsite, and tries to build up the confidence to tell his BFF he has feelings for his “soulmate” Joey. Things don’t go as planned, but this episode reminds us camping is a great place to tell stories and reminisce on childhood memories.

Camp With Your Boyfriend: On ABC Family’s classic, Greek, Cappie and Casey head to the woods with Cappie’s parents. Casey’s main reason for tagging along is to try and convince Cappie to focus on his future with the help of his parents. 90210’s Naomi takes a similar approach and tries to use her camping trip with Max to tell him about a kiss between her and his business partner. As in turns out, camping is a great place is to work on trust and discuss relationship issues. Ryan Lochte might even show up and remind you how dumb he is.

Camp In The Mall: If you want to “camp” like The OC and Saved by the Bell, you trade the woods for the mall. Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa get locked in the mall and make the most of it by playing roller hockey, building fake fires and (almost) sleeping in tents sent up in the mall. A few decades before, in an attempt to buy concert tickets sold early in the morning, Zach, Kelly, Slater, Screech and Lisa set up camp in a sporting goods store. You might not be able to dress up like mannequins and go shoe shopping when you’re camping outside, but if you have the opportunity to spend the night in the mall, it’s highly recommended.

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