Big Brother Recap: Week 6


Holy Big Brother! Just when I thought this season was getting boring, a double eviction and a backstabbing Christine made it interesting again. Since I last recapped, Amber and Brittany have left the house in unanimous votes (boooring) and I’ve realized it makes more sense to write my hashtags after Thursday’s eviction instead of Sunday’s BOB. All of the madness started when Nicole and Donny won HOH, and nominated Zach and Jocasta and Victoria and Caleb. Someway, somehow “beast mode cowboy” Caleb and overdressed princess Victoria won the Battle of the Block, and left Zach and Jocasta nominated (and Nicole HOH). While Nicole planned on backdooring Frankie, her former BFF Christine won the veto and decided not to use it. Jocasta, who loves talking about Jocasta in the 3rd person, went home (even though all week Derrick & friends planned on kicking out Zach). In the Double Eviction HOH competition, Caleb won and nominated Hayden and Donny. Beast mode old man won the veto, and Caleb put up Nicole next to her boy Hayden as a replacement nominee. Hayden was evicted and left behind a house with an endless amount of possibilities.

Caleb: After being forced to shave his head after the BOB competition, I learned Caleb cares about his looks even more than I thought. #CalebLovesMiracleGrowth #AndAmber #Still

Christine: Not only did Christine decide to stay loyal to The Detonators instead of her close friend Nicole, she also decided to make up rumors about Hayden and Victoria to upset Nicole. If BB was a teen drama, Christine would be the Dawson to Hayden and Nicole’s Pacey and Joey. #ChristineIsTheDawson

Cody: Cody has consistently stayed beautiful and safe in the house. Cody and Zac Efron= #Zody

Derrick: This week proved once again that Derrick has all of the power in the house. #DerrickIsInEveryAlliance #EvenThoughItsSpelledDerek

Donny: After being nominated multiple times, Donny has managed to stay in the game, and keep his beard and Harvard Medical shirt perfect. #DonnyPetsHisBeardDuringEveryConvo

Frankie: While Frankie continues to be “best friends” with everyone in the house, I think it’s only a matter of time before his time is up. It’s also only a matter of time before something else is up between him and Zach. #WillZankieStickTogether? #OrWillOneBeAFruitloopDingus?

Nicole: After losing Hayden and Christine turning out to be the worst, I’m rooting for Nicole to make big moves and win BB. #NicoleMissesHerQuadropolisHayden

Victoria: The fact that Victoria made it to jury is honestly mindblowing. She’s managed to win a few competitions, but is still pretty useless. #AllVictoriaCaresAboutIsLotion

Zach: After yelling at over half of the houseguests, it’s also mindblowing that Zach is still in the house, and still in the most powerful alliance. #ZachsAPoet #AndThinksWeCareToKnowIt

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