Big Brother Recap: Week 10


Wave goodbye to the two blondes with the glasses! *Wave emoji.* After Caleb won HOH and nominated Christine and Nicole, Nicole was sent packing (for the second time!) after Christine won the veto. In the second double eviction of the summer, Derrick won HOH and nominated Christine and Victoria. Frankie won the veto (boo) and didn’t use it, so a very bitter Christine was forced to leave boytoy Cody and head to the jury house (with all the people she betrayed). The good news? Christine was booed on her way out, Nicole is going to see Hayden again, and Julie revealed the biggest twist yet: a button that if pressed (spoiler alert: they pressed it less than 24 hours of it’s arrival) will reset the game on the night of the live eviction. What does that mean exactly? That it doesn’t matter who wins HOH (spoiler alert: Frankie), who is nominated and who wins the veto, because they will play everything over on Wednesday’s show. #DRAMA *Dun, dun, dun, duhhh*

Caleb: Caleb missed out on a huge opportunity to get rid of Frankie this week, and I’m not happy about it. I also think he was wearing Cody’s Rutgers sweatshirt because he wanted viewers to think he was Cody and find him attractive. #BeastModeOrNah

Cody: Hottest. Dinosaur. Ever.  As always, #CodysAbs.

Derrick: Ah, Derrick. The only one who has a chance of winning BB and he totally knows it. Why else would he put up with listening to Victoria complain about Christine’s laugh for hours? #HollabackDerrick #Winning

Frankie: The main reason I want Frankie to get evicted is so he can see that America doesn’t love him as much as he thinks they do. Go back to your YouTube channel and Ariana’s shadow. #FrankieWearsMoreMascaraThanMe

Victoria: “I’m extremely confident that the golden power of veto is going to be around my neck.” That is a direct quote. I didn’t make it up. I don’t know what’s funnier, that Victoria thought she was going to win a competition, or that she’s in the final 5 and thinks she did something to deserve it. #Lol #VictoriaForTheFinal2

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