18 Reasons Today Is The Best Monday Ever

Mondays are normally the worst, no question. And when I woke up to a chainsaw cutting down a tree in my backyard hours before I would have to wake up for my first class, I was immediately angry.tumblr_msuaacBWSW1sgl0ajo1_500

But then I checked my phone, and my mood went from Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis is less than 10 seconds.


I’ve been happy dancing around my house ever since. Here’s why.

1. Kate Middleton is pregnant! Do you know what another royal baby means?tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1ob4fx4c6i2skw8g8gc48sco0_1280

2. More amazing Kate Middleton maternity style.tumblr_mys1a1X9EL1sac12lo1_500

3. And cute moments from her and Prince William.tumblr_mqenxfk9w31rd1tgqo1_250

4. And a sibling for the adorable Prince George. If you think pics/gifs of PG are cute, imagine pics/gifs of him AND his new mini me. Let’s all just start gushing now.


5. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are married!




6. The finale of Bachelor in Paradise is tonight! I can smell the drama from here. #BringBackTheRaccoon Do-find-someone-vent-your-feelings-who-person-youre-dating

7. Bonus BIP excitement: there’s going to be another season next summer!Do-keep-mind-ocean-pool-hot-tub-where-magic-happens

8. The New York Giants will finally be back on TV tonight (and so will my second boyfriend, Victor Cruz). tumblr_lyy8hvC16A1r36f9oo1_500

9. There’s a new Jennifer Lopez movie trailer out! #JennyFromTheBlockForever

10. One Direction announced a new album! So many dancing-around-my-room-with-a-hairbrush-microphone moments to come.


11. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin revealed they’re getting married in Venice in a couple of weeks! Just imagine those wedding pictures.


12. Anya and Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunited!


13. Ohio State’s marching band is all over the TV/the internet again for the right reasons. #BestDamnBandInTheLand


14. ABC Family decided to air two episodes of Gilmore Girls a day instead of one.


15. Taylor Swift is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and spills details on her new album. She revealed she has a song called “Bad Blood,” which is about another pop star who tried to “sabotage her.” She thought they were friendly because they would catch up at award shows.tumblr_nblc9cbjSZ1qeqmxno1_500

Who could it be? My first guess? Katy Perry.tumblr_m1s92qqRan1r6by12o1_500

16. Leighton Meester announced she has music news coming our way.

Yes, Blair Waldorf can sing and we’re thrilled about it.tumblr_n3574wVSD51srs3fco4_r1_250

17. Candidly Nicole has been picked up for a second season! #PeaceLoveNicoleRichie tumblr_nbllos7JF81qln00mo3_400

18. A new (and amazing) Scandal promo has been released on Buzzfeed! #WhereInTheWorldIsOliviaPope


Happy Monday, y’all *Tami Taylor voice.*

Gifs/pics: http://www.tumblr.com and http://www.buzzfeed.com

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