College Tips From Your Favorite TV Characters

Labor Day has come and gone, and that means one thing: everyone’s headed back to school. If you’re a freshman in college or just looking for advice to make this school year one for the books, take some advice from your favorite TV characters.

1. Get to know some of your professors like Eric, Cory, Topanga and Shawn on Boy Meets World. They could end up helping you in the future, or teach you multiple subjects like Mr. Feeny.


2. Remember that it’s OK to freakout every…tumblr_mjb9jxY84X1qfhvpzo6_250

…once in a while. If Rory Gilmore gets stressed, we’re all allowed to get stressed.tumblr_mrjn3qip5k1r3761so1_250

3. Have fun with your friends…tumblr_lx1f76wjLO1qgxamco4_250

…but make sure you make good choices, unlike Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210.tumblr_mwzg05MY1X1s7hg3xo1_400

4. Don’t worry if things aren’t working out with your high school boyfriend…


…everything will work out the way it’s supposed to, like it did for Seth and Summer on The OC.tumblr_mz8lrtDE7S1qclilyo1_250

5. It’s OK (and recommended!) to go to parties and have a few drinks…tumblr_mwdt9rP2C11reop97o1_500

…but don’t let alcohol turn you into a different person. No one needs to pull a Buffy.tumblr_md75mvenNS1qh01r8o1_r1_500

6. There’s a chance you and your roommate won’t get along like Blair and Georgia on Gossip Girl…


…but you can always switch dorms or look forward to living with your friends next year. Blair was much better off with Serena.tumblr_n4json7JsL1txvbrdo1_500

7. Bonus Gossip Girl lesson: threesomes aren’t usually the answer.Dan-Vanessa-Olivia-threesome-animation-gossip-girl-9093290-250-187

8. It’s important to have goals like Casey Cartwrighttumblr_m4049sGCVj1qb4mxmo1_250

…but remember to not be too worried about the future like Cappie.


9. Speaking of Greek, you might end up in a sorority or fraternity…


…or rush might not work out and you’ll find friends your own way like Naomi on 90210.tumblr_lxbt8qvI331r0frfb

10. There’s going to be days where you feel like Shoshanna and class is the last place you want to be…


…and sometimes it will be just as bad as you imagined.tumblr_mevkqgD8MW1ryf8if

11. It can be hard to find the balance in college, as Lip Gallagher quickly learned.


12. But getting good grades like Joey Potter makes everything worth it.tumblr_mdnl5r5xKt1qblutwo5_r1_250

13. Enjoy every moment; before you know if college will just be a memory.


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