Let’s Talk About MockingJay: Part 1

The latest Hunger Games movie premiered last night and did not disappoint. I went to the movie and took hard-hitting notes to write this review/recap. #SpoilerAlert, but not really, because I focused more on J.Law’s hair than her storyline (both were great, BTW).

Even sweaty/crazy Jennifer Lawrence looks better than the majority of us ever will.jennifer-lawrence-23

The District 13 hospital is straight out of a scene from Girl, Interrupted.

tumblr_mmftw3TMT41qfiq8xo1_500 Very-Concerned-Finnick

Katniss is bringing jumpsuits back. And also looks like she could have a part time job at Keith Scott Body Shop.


Is it possible that Liam Hemsworth got hotter? I hope Miley’s best friend Leslie is reminding her she really blew that one. #TeamGale


Katniss’s bodyguard looks like Kris Jenner’s new boyfriend.Mockingjay-boggs-poster1415140403_kris-jenner-corey-gamble-zoom

Julianne Moore is in this movie? And rocking gray hair like Tori Spelling? Who knew. #Trendy


Is Capital TV the new E News!?


I want to be so famous that someone shaves for me like that chick does for President Snow. #LifeGoalshunger-games-president-snow

Effie Trinket is my spirit animal.Different-Kind-Effie-Trinket

Scratch that. Haymitch is my spirit animal.tumblr_m1mn3oUGL81qacv0k

If Katniss turns down the job, “Finding A New MockingJay” would be a quality reality show.


Ashlee Simpson’s new husband alert! I think Newlyweds:Ashlee & Evan should be the new Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. #SimpsonFamilyRealityShowsjessica-ashlee-simpson-hunger-games-premiere-08


Awk that the world still thinks Katniss is pregnant. #BabyBumpWatchtumblr_mhah9xLpRn1riyni7o1_500

Get McDreamy and Grey/Sloan Memorial to District 8’s hospital ASAP.tumblr_mpzpy0h8LS1ssi22go1_500

Tears. Actual-Lauren-Conrad-fighting-with-Audrina-tears. #ThePowerOfJLawanigif_enhanced-buzz-306-1379539185-6

Add Peeta’s face to the list of photoshop gone wrong.giphy

Katniss and Gale in the woods are missing so many prime Instagram opportunities.tumblr_marae4zA5k1rtmy1ao1_500

“This is where you kissed me” + Gale in that sweater = Bow Chicka Bow Wow.Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow-Sam-Glee

Thank god JLaw’s singing in this movie turned out better than it was on Letterman.

“If we burn, you burn with us” is the new “You can’t sit with us.”kM2xosC

Prim’s cat is the real MVP of this movie. #BuildMeUpButtercupgiphy

Jennifer’s Katniss wig is so Kardashian inspired.kim-kardashian-stylisha

Katniss and President Snow for the most intense FaceTime of all time.tumblr_m92l4mEY3s1r9ktnn

The Finnick/Annie reunion was straight out of a Bachelor finale.tumblr_mjk32tUoFo1qcm0m3o1_400

#MeanPeeta #SassyPeeta #CRAZYPEETA… I think his alter ego should be called Peter or Petto.


The “Who-Ha” chant makes District 13 sound like a bunch of frat guys.

http-star98radio.com_ YMrPy

See you next time, Katniss, Gale and Peeta! #TheThreeBestFriendsWithNamesThatNoOneHas tumblr_mxgkf81P071qf2zyko1_250

Gifs courtesy of http://www.popsugar.com and http://www.tumblr.com.

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