Birthday Parties, As Told By TV


I’ve been celebrating my birthday for the past week now (#NoShame), and the epic conclusion comes today. My roommate and I are throwing a birthday party, and to prepare, I’m obviously watching (and learning) from my favorite TV shows and characters.

1. Pay attention to details, like cups and ice, and be creative like Phoebe.


2. Don’t be too surprised if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t show up after you dumped him, and embrace new romantic endeavors (it could be the beginning of your own #ChuckAndBlair, #BlairAndChuck).


3. Cake is a must.


4. If different groups of people want to throw you different parties, let it happen. Rory Gilmore is the queen of Emily/Richard gatherings and Lorelai blow-outs.tumblr_m9fbzwhh1x1reveudo1_500

5. Be prepared if you think your friends are going to throw you a surprise party. Look for clues and do not end up like Little J.


6. Make a guest list and stick to it. Don’t pull a Ryan Atwood and almost invite someone (cough cough Marissa) 10 different times.


7. Understand that your friends might be late… They could be trying to have baby like Monica and Chandler, or locked their child inside their apartment like Ross and Rachel.


8. Stick to tradition. If your birthday usually brings you to the movies, don’t fight fate like Nick tried to for Jess… Embrace it (also embrace multiple birthday cakes if multiple roomies want to make them).


9. A game of Assassin is always a good option.tumblr_mbj8m2rwag1relzjgo1_500

10. If your friend/family member/significant other does not want a birthday party, they really do NOT want a birthday party. See Joey/Pacey and Callie/Arizona.tumblr_myutxgKqMP1qf9mevo1_500

11. Think carefully about what gifts you give people. Mindy’s reaction to Microwave Cooking for One, a life-size body pillow of a shirtless Chris Evans and an elliptical machine was over-dramatic, but understandable.


12. 18th birthdays do not usually go as planned. Just ask Blair, Brooke, Buffy or Walt.tumblr_lg2d3qbB6N1qgbabho1_500

13. 30th doesn’t either. Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Monica and Chandler prove that.


14. Pizza makes everything better– especially “The World Largest Pizza”– Lorelai and Rory can confirm that.


15. Make sure you tell your friend’s what is off limits during birthday toasts– you do not want your party ruined by a drunk karaoke video like Blair (or do you?).5-12-drunk-blair-laughing


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