Happy One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary to Sarah Marie! That’s right, folks. This blog has been up and running for exactly one year today. And the cherry chocolate syrup on top? This is my 200th post!

To celebrate these milestones, I will pretend I am giving a speech at the Oscars of Blogging (which I just invented and patented) So thank you…

1. Justin Bieber: My first post was inspired by Justin Bieber’s DUI. So thank you to the Biebs for making a series of questionable decisions and inspiring me to find my true passion: reporting on and making fun of celebrities. Please never change.


2. Mindy Kaling: I’ve spend more time searching for GIFs than I’d like to admit, and when all else fails, I know there is a Mindy GIF out there to satisfy my needs.


3. TV star pregnancies: My most popular post is about how different TV shows have embraced and/or hid pregnancies when an actress was pregnant. I’d like to take this moment to recognize the terrible job Scandal and How I Met Your Mother did hiding Kerry Washington and Alyson Hannigan’s baby bumps.


4. Pretty Little Liars: PLL is the TV show that has brought me the majority of my readers, and for that, I am thankful and forced to keep watching. I’d like to ask A to keep torturing the citizens of Rosewood. Ask Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer to continue being seniors for the rest of their lives (what’s 2 more seasons after you’ve done it for 3?). And lastly, ask ABC Family to please keep trying to make those ridiculous hashtags happen. #NotTheFather #MovesLikeAria


5. Coach Eric Taylor: Nothing fights writer’s blog or inspires you to take on any challenge like one of Coach’s pep talks.


PS: If you want to stay friends with me, you’ll have to watch this at least once a week: http://videos.nymag.com/video/The-Ultimate-Coach-Taylor-Pep-T

6. Every Award Show: From the Kids Choice Awards to the Grammys, nothing brings people together (and to blogs) like Award Show recaps. Special shoutout to Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus for being so damn newsworthy on the red carpet.


7. Gossip Girl: I’ve had a lot of great English teachers and editors who have taught me how to write, but no one gave me more tips than the most famous blogger of all- Gossip Girl.


8. E!: I’d be nothing without my E! News alerts, Giuliana Rancic as my idol and the Kardashians (and their many spin-offs).


9. Beverly Hills, 90210: 90210 serves as inspiration to all of the other teen dramas out there, and also gave Tori Spelling a platform to make True Tori happen and change reality TV forever and for the better.


10. Britney Spears: Because she’s Britney, bitch.


But seriously, thank you to all of my friends and family who read every post even when they have no idea what I’m talking about.Thank you to my friend Erin for telling me to start a blog and never, ever (cue Taylor Swift voice) letting me forget it was her idea.  And thank you to all of everyone in cyberspace who cares about the The Bachelor and ShondaLand TV shows as much as I do.

Stay tuned and consider signing up to get an email every time I post… Nothing will break up your work and school emails like my new Award Show Drinking Game (coming this weekend).

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