The Ultimate Award Show Drinking Game

There’s nothing quite like Award Season in Hollywood. America comes (and tweets) together to watch their favorite actors and singers win trophies (that the majority of celebrities publicly admit to misplacing) and wear dresses/jewels that are either beautiful and enough money to pay for a college education or hideous and still… enough money to pay for a college education. Some people watch award shows by choice and others watch it because they lost a bet and/or remote privileges, but either way, this drinking game will make the experience more magical.


Drink every time:

The winner says, “I didn’t expect this!”
The loser looks pissed.
The host and/or presenter tells a joke you don’t understand.
A movie you have never seen wins an award.
A song you have never heard wins an award.


You wish you were watching something else.
Someone trips on their dress.
A celebrity seems drunk.
There’s a wardrobe malfunction.
Someone cries.

The winner’s acceptance speech goes over time. (I suggest water-falling until the you’re-over-time-please-shut-up music ends).
Someone pulls a John Travolta. #AdeleDazeem
The winner forgets to thank their girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband a la Kaley Cuoco.


Someone unexpected shows up.
John Legend is shown.
There is a George and Amal joke.
You wish Tina and Amy were hosting.


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