19 Questions About The Bachelor: Week 7

1. Does Britt realize she just apologized to Chris for putting him an awkward position while putting him in another awkward position?

2. Is Britt’s crying an imitation of Kelsey’s panic attack? Or is this meltdown an audition for a soap opera?

3. Has Britt showered yet?


4. Does Chris Harrison feel as stupid as he looks when he says “This is the final rose tonight?” #LikeNoShit

5. Has anyone ever told Carly that she probably always ends up alone because of her incredibly weak eyebrow game?

6. Did Britt find Carly and yell “Whose squirming now” repeatedly in her face after she was eliminated?

7. Are Becca’s family members trying to ruin her chance of winning? Is this sabotage? Or are they all campaigning to make her the next Bachelorette?

8. Do they girls on the show feel like they are getting ripped off this season? Like the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair is anything compared to the trips to Rome, Paris and the Dominican Republic?

9. Where do we campaign to make Chris a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy? #HotGuysInScrubs

10. Did anyone else think Whitney wasn’t kidding about testing his sperm? Or think that it was possible that Jade was going to be in that “magazine?’

11. Are Becca’s sister and Whitney’s sister competing for Most Wicked/Bitter Bachelor sister? Are Jade’s brothers also in on this competition?  They’re all acting like a jealous Gretchen Weiners.


12. Does anyone else feel like not including Chris’s giggle in this rap song was a big mistake?

13. Jade is going to be sent home because she did not jump into Chris’s arms/ straddle him, right?

14. All of Jade’s family members are acting like Jade is Hannah Montana with two different lives because of this nude photoshoot. WHO ARE YOU JADE, WHO ARE YOU? ARE YOU LIVING THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS?

15. Is calling your sister a “wild mustang” the same thing as saying you’ve seen your sister naked on the internet?

16. Is this more awkward because Chris has now seen Jade naked or because he is thinking about how no one will want to sit with them at church in Iowa? #YouCantSitWithUs

17. Why do The Bachelor producers not make the Bachelor go to a speech class or something before the show starts? Chris. Cannot. Speak. #Um #Mumble #WhatWasISaying


18. Am I psychic? (See number 13).

19. Why have they not made a Bachelor spin-off called The Bachelor: The Limo Ride Home or The Bachelor: Even Our Dogs Are Desperate For Love?

Bonus Britt crying memes because, duh.

preview-3 preview-1 preview preview-2

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