30 Questions I Asked During #TheBigReveAl


There is nothing quite like a Pretty Little Liars finale. Every time you’re about to quit watching the show where nothing ever happens, it’s finale time, and suddenly, EVERYTHING HAPPENS. But as always, PLL is the show that answers questions with questions, so here we go:

1. Don’t the PLLs seem a little too calm to be headed to jail? I think Aria is only worried about maintaining her new ombre hair.

2. Hanna is actually being arrested because she finally got caught for all of the crime she committed in Spring Breakers, right?

3. “Omg we just had an accident.” “Yeah I did, in my pants.” Did Aria just pull a Charlotte in the Sex and the City movie?

4. Did anyone else think A was going to just kill all of the PLLs there and call it a day? The next few seasons could just be their hot boyfriends trying to figure out what happened.

5. Did Hanna actually think she woke up in her room? Didn’t the empty picture frames and “Welcome Home” written in lipstick/blood tip her off?

6. Is Mona the creepiest person ever, or the creepiest person ever? Also is anyone surprised she is alive?

7. Is this genius dollhouse making anyone else #TeamA?

8. Have the PLLs really never played Mystery Date before? That’s like, against the rules of feminism.

9. Is it weird that I heard Steve from Blue’s Clues sing “mailtime” when the PLLs got mail in the dollhouse?


10. How come Ezra the 30 year old man cannot handle this stress and high school students Caleb and Toby are cool as cucumbers?

11. Is this dollhouse making Hanna slow(er)?

12. Did Mona just smirk when she found out Ali was convicted for her murder? #ReasonsWhyMonaIsTheBestCharacter

13. Is this episode a preview for the next season of Big Brother?

14. Is PLL trying to be hip and give A a boys name? #Charles

15. “Hanna Marin. Food and Beverage. Bite me.” Is A more snarky than Gossip Girl?

16. Does Andrew look like a sketchy version of Sean Lowe? And why is he such a creep? Is he on the A team? Is the A team still a thing?

17. Why didn’t A start playing HSM when Aria said “We’re all in this together?”

18. Is A making fun of “It’s A Small World” by saying hello in different languages?

19. How do the PLLs know how to turn off the power through A CAMERA? I DON’T THINK THEY COVER THAT IN THE 12TH GRADE (even if you are in high school for 50 years).

20. Is it bad that I am more stressed out about who has the fugliest dress than whether or not they get out of this house?

21. Does A have a mannequin fetish?

22. Is PLL trying to make us nostalgic for Degrassi’s prom with this Natasha Bedingfield? Or do they want us marathon The Hills to make it through the hiatus? #TheRestIsStillUnwritten


24. Is Jason a twin? Why does he hate Ali and her friends so damn much? #DaddyIssues?

25. “Don’t fence me in.” I repeat: Is A snarkier than Gossip Girl?

26. Did Charles recreate the prom from 7 years ago because that was the prom he was supposed to go to? #TBT

27. Is Melissa a part of all of this? Why did she call her mom? Does she know Charles exists?

28. Does this mean Spencer is related to A? (If A is actually Charles).

29. Now that Spencer’s parents pulled a Veronica Mars and actually helped the PLLs, are the parents going to be involved and haunted by A too? The Real Housewives of Rosewood would be a great spin-off.

30. Is this the first time in years that you have looked forward to PLL returning? I know it’s the first time since season 2 that I am.

BONUS QUESTION (and answer!): Will the PLLs ever go to college? WILL THEY EVER GRADUATE? YES! News just broke that the girls will graduate by the end of the first half of season 6 (summer episodes) and then the show will pull an OTH and skip ahead 4 years (post- grad) in the second half of season 6. #Love #it


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