The 18 Most Important Headlines From 5/13- 5/20

1. Leighton Meester Is Pregnant: Blair Waldorf is going to be a mom! Seth Cohen is going to be a dad! Josh Schwartz (the creator of Gossip Girl and The OC) should be a Godfather! But seriously, if Leighton and Adam are anything like their alter-egos (which I chose to believe) this kid should live a life filled with headbands, perfectly cream cheesed bagels and wise advice like “the most important parties to attend are the ones you’re not invited to” and learn that “allergic reactions to the universe” are possible. At the very least, this baby better celebrate Chrismukkah.


2. Taylor Swift BBMA After Party: After T. Swift’s big night at the Billboard Music Awards, which you can read about here, she hosted a star-studded after party. BF Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, her bro, One Direction (except Harry, because duh) and everyone from her Bad Blood music video all partied (and probably trash talked Katy Perry) together.


3. OTH reunion: The creator of One Tree Hill, Mark Schwahn, James Lafferty aka Nathan Scott and Bryan Greenberg aka Jake Jagielski reunited at a charity function over the weekend (TV cast reunions might be the best part of charity functions). I hope Mark and Bryan discussed plans for a reunion movie that had Jake steal Peyton away from Lucas, and I hope James was shirtless because life is just better when he is.

4. Dan Scott is evil IRL too: Speaking of One Tree Hill, one of its former stars, Paul Johansson, is being called out by a Buzzfeed reporter. The reporter claimed he sexually harassed her and her colleagues, making comments like “I’m sweating like a rapist” and asking about whether or not they go into Buzzfeed offices to make-out. I know you played a mean dad and a sexist on Mad Men, but his is not cool or the place for method acting, Paul.

5. KUWTK About Bruce: After Bruce’s revealing Diane Sawyer interview, the Kardashians decided to air their own special, which had the sisters, Kris and Scott react to the news and ask Bruce questions. Notable discussions including Kim seeing him in a dress over a decade ago, Kendall and Kylie finding makeup and thinking he was cheating on their mom and Bruce stealing one of Kim’s outfits in the past. However, the most surprising moment was how well Lord Disick took the news, and the least surprising moment was Kris Jenner making it about her.

6. Amanda Clarke Clarifies: Even though Revenge aired its series finale last week, there were still unanswered questions. The actress who played Amanda/Emily on the ABC drama explained that her character did not actually receive Victoria’s heart, but she will be haunted by that possibility for the rest of her life.


7. #GoodbyeNinaDobrevTVD: This is the hashtag that trended worldwide on Twitter when Nina Dobrev’s last episode of The Vampire Diaries aired on Thursday. The show was a pretty sappy tribute to Nina, but it was well deserved because she kicked ass (emotionally and literally) on the series for six years. I don’t know how the show is going to continue without its lead (there better be A LOT of Caroline), but the show-runners left the idea of Nina returning to the show on the table by (spoiler alert) linking Elena’s life to Bonnie’s (this means that when Bonnie dies, Elena will wake up and be fine). #INeverLikedBonnieAnyway

8. A Glee Wedding: After getting married on the last season of Glee, Heather Morris got married in real life, too. The actress married her baby daddy and longtime boyfriend. Their kid is pretty cute, and I know you wouldn’t be surprised if the family came to a reality show near you.

9. Aca- Box Office Breaker: Pitch Perfect 2 came out on Friday, and made more money in the first weekend than the first movie did during its entire box office run. I haven’t seen the film yet (I’m waiting for my PP obsessed dad), but I’ll let you know my thoughts when I do.

10. Shonda Finales AKA Everything Wrong With Scandal: Shondaland aired its season finales on Thursday, and while it made sense Grey’s Anatomy had a (mostly) happy ending after we lost McDreamy, the Scandal finale was just plain lame. After an exciting beginning and middle, Ms. Pope finally took her dad down by a boring money scandal. Then Fitz (who has idk, killed like 300 people in a plane and sent America TO WAR over Olivia) had the nerve to kick out Mellie who made an honest mistake when she was trying to protect her (and Fitz’s!!!) reputation. Additionally, watching Fitz and Olivia make out made me want to vomit. #TeamJake #TeamMellie #TeamBYESCANDAL

11. Marissa Cooper is returning to TV: No, that is not a typo! And no, you did not forget who played Marissa on The OC. Mischa Barton is making her return to the small screen in an ABC Family show called Recovery Road, a show about a rehab. I think she will kill this role like Marissa used to kill bottles of Tequila.

12. Mr. Feeny takes selfies: In addition to making another appearance on Girl Meets World, everyone’s favorite teacher Bill Daniels is making an appearance in the selfie world. Best selfie ever to come from Disney Channel, or simply the best selfie ever? #Fee-he-he-heenay!

13. Farewell, David Letterman: After hosting The Late Show for 33 years, David Letterman’s final show will air tonight. Stars like Jerry Seinfield, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Peyton Manning are all rumored to make appearances. I’m sure it will make for one last epic Top Ten list (and a lot of tears, Jimmy Kimmel cried just thinking about it last night).


14. Rumor has it, Rumer won Dancing with the Stars: In a finale that surprised no one (but pissed me off because #TeamRiker), Rumer Willis, who I’ll admit was pretty damn good, won Dancing with the Stars. I’ll miss watching Bruce Willis cry and Rumer’s sisters Scout and Tallulah act like crazies in the audience, but I know there will be another celeb child (and a another Bachelor!) to cheer for next season.


15. Sawyer won The Voice: Speaking of finales where the person I wanted to win didn’t (but the obvious choice did), Sawyer Fredericks won The Voice last night. I was obvi rooting for my girl Meghan Linsey because I saw her perform in Nashville and I’m all about Team Blake, but Sawyer was all over the Top 5 on iTunes and deserves a chance to sing to someone other than his cows. The best part of the finale? Christina taking on impressions of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and more  AKA proving she deserves her own variety show, or at least a chance to host SNL.


16. Kaitlyn’s the Bachelorette, and Britt is #shocked: After getting the boot on The Bachelorette last night, Britt visited Jimmy Kimmel and admitted how surprised she was that she wasn’t picked by the men. This surprised me because if Britt watched herself on The Bachelor, she should know that no sane guy would want to date her on TV (that being said, I don’t know how many guys on these shows are “sane”).

17. Zack and Cody Graduated: They might still be living the suite life, but these ex-actors are not living the sweet life anymore. Graduating from college is cool and all, but like that’s something I plan on doing too. Having two successful shows on Disney Channel and being child actors? You should have tried to make that ish last forever. #MakingMrMosebyProudTho


18. Fat Amy Lied About More Than Being Fat Patricia: Rebel Wilson learned the hard way that the truth will always come out (especially with the internet and TMZ). After the actress claimed she was 29 years old, it was revealed is actually 35. Aca- awkward.


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