15 Things That Happend When Taylor, Calvin, Gigi, Joe and Karlie Were On That Boat


What happens on a boat in London doesn’t stay in London…

1. Rehash that infamous time Joe dumped Taylor over a voicemail.

2. Press Gigi for information about whether or not Kylie Jenner got more than her lips done.

3. Perform a “Forever & Always” sing along.

4. Take shots to the fact that Calvin and Taylor made more combine money than Jay-Z and Beyonce.

5. Make fun of Joe for his failed solo career.

6. Make fun of Joe for his failed DJ career.

7. Question Karlie about her love life.

8. Debate whether Shawn on the Bachelorette looks like Calvin or not.

9. Calvin asked Joe for skinny jean advice.

10. Help Taylor brainstorm not-so-subtle songs about her relationship with Calvin.

11. Practice for their turn on Celebrity Family Feud.

12. Make Karlie read Taylor’s most romantic lyrics out-loud.

13. Mock Gigi’s ex Cody Simpson’s hair and potentially too-close-for-comfort relationship with his sister Ali.

14. Make 4th of July plans and practice poses for their inevitable Instas.

15. Brainstorm ideas to break into the palace and steal Prince George.

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