Dear Lauren Conrad and MTV:

When I was younger, my mom didn’t want me watching MTV (looking back, I guess it makes sense she didn’t want me to see Madonna and Britney Spears make-out on stage at an award show). But I had older cousins and babysitters who exposed me to things like Laguna Beach and The Hills, and it was only a matter of time before I started watching Lauren Conrad on a regular basis (plus Hilary Duff sang the Laguna Beach theme song and I had to support Lizzie McGuire). I would try to watch when my parents weren’t in the room, or on a really low volume. As I got older and my mom couldn’t really control whether I watched my morning music videos on VH1 or MTV (for whatever reason, VH1 was allowed), The Hills was still on MTV and there were plenty of marathons to catch me up on what I missed when I was too young to fully understand.

After years of watching Lauren work at Teen Vogue, fall in and out of love, fight with her friends and cry all of her mascara off (#LCMascaraTear), it was hard to say goodbye to the relatable and fashionable girl from Laguna Beach when she left the show after it’s fifth season. Of course we kept watching, and were rewarded with entertaining story lines like Heidi Montag’s obsession with her seven-year-old neighbor Enzo and her 10 plastic surgery makeover, but Kristin Cavallari was no leading lady (not that we didn’t enjoy watching her mess with Audrina and Justin Bobby). And even though we still get a taste of The Hills because Brody Jenner has decided to try and keep up with his stepsisters on Keeping up with the Kardashians, there’s still an LC shaped hole in our TV-loving-hearts.

Lauren is very active on her blog and gives fashion/makeup tips on twitter on a regular basis, but it’s not the same. And with her upcoming wedding to her boyfriend William Tell, I’m thinking it’s time she steps back into the reality spotlight. Throw in her best friend Lo, introduce whatever new friends she has and add the drama of planning a wedding and you have at least one season done (plus I’m thinking a season finale cliffhanger of will-she or won’t-she invite ex-bestie Heidi, ex-Hills cast members, friends from Laguna Beach high school and ex-boyfriends Stephen and Brody to her wedding).

Just think about it LC, and remember how happy it would make the internet if you take MTV back from Miley and her foam finger and make it Lauren Conrad’s world again. Don’t leave us feeling like this:



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